Leo October 2017


Leo October 2017

October 2017 indicates warm love for Leo in October 2017. Family and career are the red thread this month. Your health deserves some special attention this month, Leo.

Love and Relationships
In the second week of October 2017, an exciting encounter can change your life. This encounters may take place where money can be found or in the workplace. Someone who is older than you. Friendships are an important source of support in the second half of October 2017. The influence of Uranus and Neptune will indicate many romantic opportunities, but it's not really serious.
As of October 21, 2017, this may change due to the influence of the Sun in Scorpio. It is important that you give each other space. Your new love needs room to grow. You also need space. At the end of the month everything will land on its feet.

Family and Home
The planetary forces are located at the southern half of the Leo horoscope.
The House of Family is therefore dominant in October 2017. The Full Moon of October 5, 2017 shows that you are going to make a beautiful spiritual journey with your family. This journey may be the reason for revising beliefs about religion and philosophy. You can also decide to take classes or follow a course of study. October 2017 is a good month to visit a museum with your family or to find something beautiful as an art object for home.
The New Moon of October 19, 2017 falls into your House of Communication and close relatives. The second half of October 2017 is aimed at talking annoying issues through from the past.
Go on with a clean slate!

This month you need to take responsibility. With emotional stability, you get the best results. Because you are calm, there are also better contacts with colleagues and your boss.
The first three weeks of October 2017 are restless and hectic. At your work there are disturbing developments or in the organization in which you work. Right now you have to keep a clear head and keep it cool. It may also be that you are preoccupied because of a love-affair. Right then you have to show what you are worth with your brilliant ideas and leadership! Also listen to the contributions of your colleagues or employees. Not everything is about you. Encourage your colleagues and employees with new ideas. Your social network offers you an unexpected turn to bring projects to great results mid-month. At the end of October 2017 you can look back on a busy month with a smile.

October 2017 shows due to the influence of Venus and Mars in the House of Finance, a financially favorable month. Revenue comes mainly by offering your financial expertise to others. Speculations give good returns. Money is spent on charity activities and friends. However, make sure you do not spend too much money this month.
Starting 21 October 2017, your financial situation will stabilize. From that time, there will be room for new financial projects in a partnership.

You are on the right track, Leo! You are in shape and you want to hold on to that. And that is good. October 2017 is a busy month and you should go easy on yourself for now.
Take some rest and relaxation. Regularity is the magic word. So go on a regular basis to the gym or just take some time off. A good idea would be to go to the gym together. This month you can suffer from stress. Then it's good to take a break. Peace in your heart and peace in your mind creates room for creativity and creative solutions.

October 2017 is a busy month of challenges. Your health is affected by stress and concern. It is often impossible to relax or you do not allow yourself the time to relax. Because of fatigue and your emotional nature, it is not easy to make important decisions. Your success depends on how you deal with others this month. The best advice is to get away from it all when it gets too much.
In fact, your health is the most important thing.