Gemini October 2017


Gemini October 2017

October 2017 goes very fast in all respects. Planetary forces will steer your life in many directions. Gemini, from 1st to 15th of October 2017 there will be extraordinary circumstances in which your adaptability comes in handy.

Love and Relationships
October 2017 is actually not a romantic month. The Full Moon in Aries of October 5, 2017 falls into Gemini’s House of Friendship and Social Involvement. This month it's all about talking.
Communication. In a regular relationship, you are willing to talk in order to improve the relationship. However, through the influence of Mercury in Scorpio in the House of Relations, you expect the same from your partner, especially in the second half of October 2017. Irritations will be discussed and are no longer avoided. Not every relationship will survive this. A friendship will come to an end. The New Moon of October 19, 2017 falls in the House of Love and Romance. This energy shows relaxation and space for fun, passion and a new beginning. After 21 October 2017, the tide will turn. By the end of October 2017, love gets another chance.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of August 2017 will influence or has already influenced your private life and family life. Your private life has changed since August 2017 and what you are doing now is creating room for the new situation or adapting yourself to the new situation. Because of the influence of Jupiter in Libra, your relationship has been tested and the changes have influenced your family life. Children in your family, family or immediate area are undergoing major changes.
In October 2017 there are significant developments in the finances of friends and relatives.

October 2017 will be a positive month for your career. Your company will flourish or the company you work for will show good results. You are looking for employees for your business or you are looking forward to a new challenge. Due to the turmoil in yourself and around you it is not easy to focus yourself or to find inspiration. Relaxation is so important to you such as meditating, yoga or nature. Just take some time off your work. Take a distance to find the way back to yourself. At the beginning of the month you may fall flat on your face at work. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Any mistake you make is a teachable moment, even though they are painful. Do not distract yourself by gossip and rumors. There is more to life than talk. Stay close to yourself. Clear communication this month is the magic word, Gemini.

The Moon is the ruler of your House of Finance. That means that your financial situation is ruled by the ever-changing face of the Moon and by the various aspects with the other planets. So there are fluctuations. Money comes and goes. It is of the utmost importance that you take care of financial matters, both private and in your company. Not everything that glitters is gold.
You must aware of all developments in your industry or personal circumstances to make good financial decisions. So do not get wrapped up by loose talk and assumptions. A matter of first seeing then believing. Fortunately, you know how to slow down due to your partner's loyal support. In October 2017 there are significant developments in the finances of friends and relatives.

October 2017 shows a happy month for your health. You worry more about your partner's health! The last week of October 2017 shows a favorable time with the Sun in Libra. You feel good and you take good care of yourself. A good night’s sleep, healthy food and sufficient physical exercise is all you need to stay in shape. Time is running fast and you know how important it is to stay grounded. Pay attention to your breathing. Connect to your body and feel what it needs. When you do, there will be a flow of creative energy that will balance you completely.

Let yourself be heard if there’s something you do not like. Do not bottle things up, but talk about it. Do not be so impatient, Gemini. You have all the time you need. Stay close to yourself, but most important is: stay close within yourself. By meditating, by doing yoga. To be grounded is so important in this time when you feel like you are floating. And another good advice: The best way to find true love is to love yourself first.