Capricorn October 2017


Capricorn October 2017

October 2017 show a month that emphasizes your career and family life. Due to the influence of Pluto in Capricorn and the Eclipses of this year, there are persistent changes in career and money. This month expresses these changes very clearly.

Love and Relationships
The journey of the Red Warrior Mars through your House of Relations and Intimacy has strengthened the emotional bond within your relationship. The Eclipse of 21 August 2017 fell into your House of Soul and Intimacy. During this period, issues related to sexuality, intimacy, money of your partner, birth and death will be deeply affected. An old love may have returned or left in your life. October 2017 gives some comfort. A new love can be found in places where people meet such as a ceremony, meeting or spiritual gathering. October 2017 is not really a month to make a big relational decision. For now it is important to balance yourself and pay attention to your own needs. What do you want? What do you need in a relationship?

Family and Home
The unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries has been since the beginning of March 2011, a guarantee of ever-changing developments in your private life you can’t control. Uranus in Aries remains a matter of constant concern to your House of Family and Home. Family life for Capricorn may come under pressure due to changes in the career. There may be a move or a transfer to another country. The interrelationship at home and in the family may also come under pressure due to Mars's influence in Libra in the second half of October 2017.

Jupiter in Libra is the driving force behind your career in pursuing your goals and making the most of the opportunities for success. Jupiter will remain in your Career House until October 10, 2017. Jupiter in your Career House does not mean everything goes according to plan. The Red Warrior Mars travels through your Career House from October 23 until December 9, 2017. Mars is ambitious, driven and focused on progress. However, at the beginning of October 2017 you should be very careful. Postpone a business decision if possible. The New Moon of October 19, 2017 falls into your Career House. This shows a gateway to a new job or new business project. However, you need to step back once in a while to find rest and relaxation, Capricorn.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 has led to or is going to lead to major financial changes in your House of Finance, but due to the influence of Uranus in Aries, you must remain vigilant and economical. The next six months is the gateway to a better financial situation for the long term. You will be given the opportunity to arrange financial affairs or to finance ongoing projects or to enjoy the sweet benefits of previously made financial decisions. This month you spend money on clothing and personal care. In October 2017 take into account the beneficial influence of Jupiter. Friends and your social network support you financially. You have to make more efforts to earn money and adjust financial strategies for the long term.

Your planet Saturn remains in your House of Cosmic Consciousness until the end of December 2017. Saturn reminds you of the need to let go of old emotional luggage. Saturn shows you how much the past influences your present, your unconscious motives and issues. This month will show you there is much work to be done. It takes time and therefore it's good to step back. Generally October 2017 a favorable month for your health. At the beginning of the month, you realize how important relaxation is. You can experience muscle pain. Pamper yourself this month with a sauna visit or a nice foot massage.

October 2017 shows that not all your plans have come to fruition. As you know, everything has a reason in this universe. You will receive what you really need. You don’t need what you don’t have. Often the desire for something is more beautiful than actually possessing it. This insight will come to you this month.