Cancer October 2017


Cancer October 2017

October 2017 shows a month of contradictions, challenges and changes in your private life and career. The Moon is connected to the sign of Cancer. The long-lasting influence of the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 is evident in October 2017. An important change has occurred in your life. The world sees a very different you this month.

Love and Relationships
October 2017 asks you to pay attention to your relationship. Through events in your life, your relationship needs love and attention to heal. But it is also good to give love and attention to yourself, because your ship has been damaged. In the second half of October 2017 you can not refuse that invitation! You would otherwise miss a special encounter. Go for love and trust your feelings, Cancer. Like no other, you know what you need.

Family and Home
The eclipses of August 2017 also have affected your private life and family life. In your family or private life, there are major events in the lives of older relatives. Even though these events are not always pleasant, they open the door to a new start or an opening to solve existing problems. Once again, there will be room for love and understanding. The New Moon of October 19, 2017 falls into your House of Family and Home. This New Moon will be the cosmic gate to a move, renovation, new layout of your house, other furniture or repairs in your house. It is also possible that you will help someone to move in the coming weeks. October 2017, however, is not the month to make a big decision or make a promise such as a marriage or pregnancy.

October 2017 is an important month for your career, Cancer. The Full Moon of October 5, 2017 falls into your Career House. October 2017 marks therefore career and finances such as a new job, promotion or reward and recognition for shown commitment.
A project is being developed. You know where you stand! You look at the prospects or innovative possibilities of your own business, or you are investigating the possibilities of changing jobs. There may also be a reorganization. The Cancer is mainly looking for a working environment that is connected with children or care. In the first week of October 2017, a problem may arise at the workplace, but you will take care of this with your natural charm. Everything will be all right. Your tireless effort will be noticed! Make sure that the balance between career and privacy will not be disturbed.

The financial perspective for Cancer is good for October 2017. You must see everything at the long term. Your finances will slowly show some improvement in October 2017. You can count on the financial support of your partner and friends. There will be major changes in your financial strategies. During this period, there are other people involved in all your investments.

Your health may be a bit shabby in the first three weeks of October 2017. It is important that you pay attention to the detoxification of your body this month. Fresh herbs, but also ginger and garlic are delicious, but also very healthy for you. At the beginning of October 2017 you are tired of everything. Tired of work, tired of others, tired of everything. It feels like everything is becoming too much. Stress is the biggest culprit. It makes no sense to overwork yourself. Listen to your body and make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation. Drink less coffee and do not bottle up things. Turn off the TV and disassociate yourself from social media and needless distractions. Do not allow negative energy in your life. Listen to nice music and read a good book!

This month the energy is high. There's a lot of demands on you, but you ask a lot of you too. Therefore, it is good to care of yourself. Adequate sleep, sufficient physical exercise and healthy food. Now that Autumn has come, it's important that you upgrade your energy level.
Ensure the right balance between career and privacy.
You must feed yourself with a healthy diet, but spiritually by reconnecting with nature. Go for a walk in the Autumn Gardens of Mother Nature and enjoy the beauty of this season.
Here you will find energy.

You need energy to (re)charge yourself!