Aquarius October 2017


Aquarius October 2017

Due to the influence of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 2017, the focus during this period is on relationships and the relationship you have with yourself.
The New Moon of October 19, 2017 shows that your spiritual beliefs will change or you will follow a different area of study. Because of the unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries, your life is constantly changing.

Love and Relationships
The Sun is the symbol of your relationships. The total Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 21th 2017 fell into your House of Relations. Aquarius is in the middle of a period in which more opportunities arise through cooperation. Together means more. The good relationships survive, but the less good relationships will be broken. In October 2017 all current relationships and friendships will be tested. A month of cleaning up and getting rid of all that raises negative emotions. Friendships that did not prove worthy of your friendship will be broken this month.

Family and Home
Your career will play a major role and this will affect your private life. There is less time for your private life and emotional issues. However, you must not neglect your private life. As you know, a happy home is the stable foundation under your career. The Full Moon of October 5, 2017 shows that the relationship with close relatives and neighbors is changing. In October 2017 the theme of pregnancy will play an important role. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Also in October 2017, networking and your social network will influence your career. The Great Benefactor Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio from October 11, 2017. Scorpio is connected to Aquarius’ House of Career. Jupiter in Scorpio means a 12-month period of success in your career. One year of opportunities to make progress and take big steps forward in your life. Such as a study, a better job or positive developments in your own business. The second half of October 2017 shows the best results.
You get support from an unexpected source! As of October 21, 2017, the Sun in Scorpio travels through your Career House and from this moment on, nothing will stop you from making progress.

The influence of Neptune in Pisces in your House of Finance shows that this month's finances are once again fluctuating. You must be careful with any financial advice. You may be deceived.
It is important that you first discharge old debts before making purchases that you can not really afford. In your own business you are facing financial conflicts with employees or there is a financial disagreement with your boss or senior.

Regular physical exercise is essential. This month more than ever! Set the alarm clock and have a walk before breakfast. You will notice that a fresh start of the day guarantees a whole day of energy! A proper and balanced diet does the rest. You'll feel like you're alive! In the second half of October 2017, you want to work-out with friends or to organize a group activity with colleagues. Not only physically, it is good to stay in condition, but also mentally. Talk to others about what's bothering with you. In the second half of October 2017 things will become easy. Talk it over and let it go. Soon Saturn will enter your House of Cosmic Consciousness. Together with Pluto, Saturn shows you the need to get rid of old luggage in order to follow your own way in this life. Don’t forget to drink water, Aquarius.

October 2017 is the month of inspiration and insights. Share your vision and great ideas! Do not forget to enjoy all that life has to offer you this month. Love is waiting for you, but do not wait too long, Aquarius. With a new love, but also in the fixed relationship. Communication is the key.
Ensure a good balance between career and privacy, Aquarius. Follow your heart and treat your partner with a bunch of roses!