Virgo November 2017


Virgo November 2017

November 2017 is the month of family and home. Most planets are in the southern sector of the Virgo horoscope. Family and domestic affairs are more important than career and outside world in this period. This month, a planetary shift is taking place. Cooperation and flexibility are becoming increasingly important. You need the support of others to achieve your goals.

Love and Relationships
Neptune is the planet of Relationships for Virgo. Neptune goes direct in the House of Relationships from November 22, 2017. After this long period of retrogradation, you dare to take new steps in the relationship or to make a promise in a relationship. In the recent past, some friendships or commitments have been broken, but other relationships have been strengthened. Starting December 21, 2017, a serious era begins for existing relationships and new relationships with Saturn in Capricorn. Until the end of March 2020, Saturn teaches you the meaning of true love and friendship. In general, November 2017 shows a favorable month for love. A new love will be found at school, the library, academic institutions, at the workplace or in your immediate area, a party at home or a family visit.

Family and Home
From the end of 2014, the influence of Saturn in your House of Family and Home has led to a big clean-up. A learning experience of insight, clarification, forgiveness and closure. A move to another location, a new start or just building a stronger foundation for your family. Jupiter is your planet of Home and Family. The influence of Jupiter in Scorpio makes it easier for you to relinquish the past. Letting go of the old in order to make a new start. The New Moon of November 18, 2017 falls into your House of Communication and close relatives and neighbors. Family is very important to you this month. A disturbed relationship will be restored or you try to reconnect family ties. Over the next two weeks, there is more communication via e-mails, text messages and phone calls. Your computer, mobile, car or other means of transport can be repaired or replaced.

The focus is on family and domestic conditions this month. Remember, success in your career is based on a stable and harmonious private life.
The Full Moon in Taurus of November 4, 2017 gives answers about a legal issue.
November 2017 looks good for the education sector. Outstanding achievement for students, teachers and educators. The influence of Jupiter in Scorpio shows unprecedented possibilities for your career. The power of Jupiter in Scorpio gives you a unique cosmic opportunity and perseverance to achieve career goals. However, you are still in the preparatory phase. Progress is expected in the spring of 2018!

The Full Moon of October 5, 2017 and the New Moon of October 19, 2017 in your House of Finance were a reference to changes in the financial status of your partner or companion, which necessitates financial adjustment.
The Red Warrior Mars in the House of Finance will show further developments and financial decisions that will affect your financial future until the beginning of December 2017.
November 2017 is an excellent financial month. Revenue is based on financial intuition, good analysis and good judgment. Because of the special influence of Venus which is your financial planet, you"dare" to make financial decisions. You earn money from home, you get financial support from the family as well.

From October 11, 2017Jupiter in Scorpio travels through your House of Communication. Jupiter encourages talking and sharing openly, opening up yourself and expressing yourself. This energy makes everything lighter and more optimistic and that has a positive effect on your physical condition. The first three weeks of November 2017 look good, but from the last week of November 2017 you need to take more rest. Jupiter in Scorpio asks to pay attention to your emotional health to improve your physical condition.

Most planets are at the bottom of the Virgo horoscope. A shift from the outside world to the inner world. From Day to Night. The focus will be on home, family and emotional well-being. This is the best time to solve problems at home and in the family. Because of the influence of Jupiter, there is more chance of weight gain and stomach or intestinal disorder during this period. Less fat, less salt and less sweet is much better for you. Moderation in everything, Virgo.