Scorpio November 2017


Scorpio November 2017

As you know, the Eclipses of February 2017 and August 2017 have led or will lead to crucial developments in your career and in your private life. The planetary forces shift to the bottom of the Scorpio horoscope. The Night. Most career goals are largely achieved. The time has come to focus on your private life, family, home and your emotional well-being. Back to basics. A time to dream and visualize your destination. This is a period of hibernation. The Night is intended to build regain new strengths. Do your best at work, but focus on home and family.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 falls into your House of Relationships. The Full Moon makes changes in the relational area. You look back on a fruitful relationship or romantic relationship. It can mean the breaking-up of a business partnership or romantic relationship. It points out an end or a start. Whatever happens, the end or start will be a new way for all parties. It can be a way-out, but the start of a business commitment, an engagement or marriage as well. The New Moon of November 18, 2017 falls into your sign, Scorpio! Your personal solar cycle and the universal solar cycle are in its growing phase. November 2017 is marked by your personal wishes and needs. In the House of Personality, this New Moon reinforces your personality with an irresistible personal appeal. As a magnet, you attract a new love or friendship. However, your excessive enthusiasm can scare people off, so adopt a wait-and-see attitude. It comes naturally, you will see!

Family and Home
Most planets shift to the bottom of the Scorpio horoscope. The Night. So in this period, the focus is on the house, family and your emotional well-being. There are issues regarding your home or your family. It is about creating peace at home. Peace and stability give room to make plans. The road is thus paved for your career as of April 2018. Have a little more patience with your relatives at the end of November 2017. Keep calm, and no more adventures. There are changes in the lives of your children or children in your family or environment. Children need your love, wisdom and loving support during this period.

In recent months, the influence of Mars has led to major steps in the Scorpio career. A period of self-development, ambition and enthusiasm. The beneficial influence of Jupiter in your own sign Scorpio will be a great cosmic push in the next twelve months in reaching your goals. And not just in your career!
Still, your career is on the back burner. The storm is over and there is time to shift the focus to your private life and plans for the future. A period to look back, tot assess and make adjustments for the future. If you are looking for suitable work, you need to think twice. The job has to suit you and vice verse. Prepare yourself in advance. Also in business transactions, it is advisable to think twice.

Saturn in Sagittarius travels through your House of Finance until December 20, 2017. Saturn is your planetary accountant. It is still advisable to obtain advance financial advice. A sound financial basis means financial security in the future.
Jupiter in Scorpio is financially beneficial, but in the end your financial destiny lies in your own hands. You can not afford to wait and see and expect that everything will be all right. No speculations or big expenses, especially in the second half of November 2017. From November 23, 2017, the Sun enters Sagittarius and thus your House of Finance! You can count on the financial support from your family or a raise. Financially, the influence of Mercury is important for Scorpio. Mercury goes in retrograde next month. From 3 December to 22 December 2017, Mercury in retrograde will be the cause for financial delays. Be careful with financial matters and do not take hasty financial decisions.

The cosmic power of the Great Benefactor Jupiter has supported you in the past year in releasing old pain and transformed you and made you stronger. Jupiter in Scorpio now focuses on (re) discovering your personality! A new chapter. November 2017 is a month of high energy and vitality. However, it is advisable to slow down. A visit to the sauna would be wonderful. Pamper yourself with a lovely body massage.

Most planets are still in the first quadrant of personal strength and independence. You act on your own. During this period, the world is adapting to you. Take advantage of this, because soon this will change. Jupiter is in your sign Scorpio and Mars will enter your own sign, Scorpio on December 10, 2017. With the support of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio you get a mega cosmic boost!