Pisces November 2017


Pisces November 2017

November 2017 is a month of independence for Pisces.
This month there is an important planetary shift for Pisces. In the next six months, the eastern half of the Pisces Horoscope is dominant. That means more independence and autonomy.
Your planet Neptune goes finally direct this month. This means a true boost for your confidence and ambition.

Love and Relationships
March travels through your House of Intimacy until December 9, 2017. The influence of Mars stimulates in overcoming inhibitions and problems which are preventing you from maintaining a healthy intimate relationship. Your love life is loving and warm. You want to make deep conversations and contact at soul level.
Mercury is your planet of Relationships. Mercury travels through fiery Sagittarius from November 6, 2017, which shows quick and remarkable changes within relationships this month.
Developments bring revelations and the need to review relationships. In the second half of November 2017, misunderstandings may occur in the relationship. There may be news about a pregnancy that makes you feel emotional. The single Pisces finds love abroad, in the workplace or academia or spiritual world. November 2017 is a social month of friendships and civil society organizations. Friends and your social network support you in achieving your goals.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 falls into your House of Communication, short trips, siblings, acquaintances and neighbors. November 2017 is a month of communication, visits, messages, phone calls, emails, short trips, a trip outside the city, to the water or to a nearby city to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you buy a car, computer, mobile phone or phone this month. A busy month of chasing and running around. Your family support your career and study because they know how difficult it is for you and how much it means to you. The New Moon of November 18, 2017 shows a study or a voyage with your family in order to review and renew spiritual ideals.

November 2017 is marked by career and social goals. This period of the year is your stage to shine. Saturn will remain in your Career House until the end of 2017! From December 2014, Saturn in Sagittarius has brought significant developments in your career. Even though it was no bed of roses, this was only meant to determine that your career path is the right one. Saturn in your Career House shows that success only comes as a result of your won efforts and hard work.
The career development of Pisces will heavily depend on your own initiatives and the general support of your partner, family in November 2017.
The New Moon of November 18, 2017 falls into the House of Traveling and Study. Business training, training, business trips and foreign contacts are recurring themes this month.

The New Moon of October 19, 2017 showed that your partner's financial planning had to be adjusted. Your financial situation has also been affected by these financial adjustments. The red warrior Mars is your planet of Finances. In November 2017, it is advisable to think twice with every financial decision. This month there is financial success in overseas transactions and in areas related to education and travel.

November 2017 show a favorable month for your health. Make sure you have a good night's sleep and sensible food. Don’t stay up too late and don’t overexert yourself. Rest, exercising, meditation, yoga, relaxation and balanced nutrition are important to make you feel energetic, balanced and calm. This month you may suffer from sensitive eyes or pressure in the eyes.

The entry of Jupiter in Scorpion from October 11, 2017 heralds a positive year in which you are looking for new impulses in your life like traveling, studying and making new friends. Embrace this period and make the best of it, Pisces.
You are very ambitious this month and you tend to exaggerate. Don’t waste your energy and delegate! Focus on what really matters. Enjoy life, Pisces. Life is short.