Gemini November 2017


Gemini November 2017

November 2017 shows a prosperous month in many areas for Gemini, but you depend on others to achieve your goals. The outside world will be of great significance in the coming period.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of October 19, 2017 fell in the House of Love and Romance. This month, this energy will provide more room for passion in your relationship! You want your partner's undivided attention, but you want to be there for your partner too! From November 23, 2017, the Solar force in Sagittarius warms your House of Relations, and then nothing stops you to embrace the love.
A social period of parties and gatherings. Your social life is flourishing, so many opportunities to meet the love of your life. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the Gemini is always irresistibly attractive. The red warrior Mars travels through your Love House until December 9, 2017. Do not wait and see. Time to take action!

Family and Home
The influence of the Red Warrior Mars has taken care of matters at home. Problems in family and family have been addressed and improvements are made in your home and living situation. A good month so to clean up the house, to renovate or to do some painting. This month there is room for a creative project at home! Children in your family, family or people you know in your direct area are experiencing big changes. The coming period will be more focused on the career, which means there will be less attention for home and family.

Full speed ahead, Gemini. Any decision you made at the beginning of 2017 influences your daily life, now Jupiter travels through your Home of Work from October 11, 2017. Jupiter will be accompanied by Mars from December 10, 2017, so there will be some action! The New Moon of November 18, 2017 falls into your Home of Work. A great moment to start a new project or to make your work environment more productive, healthier, practical and safer. You're willing to go to work, more energy to start a new job, start your own business or new work projects in your company. Everything is possible. Neptune is your planet of Career. From November 22, 2017 Neptune turns direct again after a long period of retrogradation. From this moment, there will be more clarity and growth in your career.

The entry of Jupiter in Scorpio in your Home of Work guarantees more revenue! Your financial decisions in the first months of the year affect this favorable planetary transit. As you know, the Moon is the ruler of the House of Finance for Gemini. That means that your financial situation is governed by the ever-changing face of the Moon and the aspects the Moon forms with the other planets. Therefore, you experience frequent fluctuations. Money comes in and money disappears. It is of the utmost importance that you always keep the financial finger on the pulse, both privately and in your company. All that glitters isn't gold. Seeing then believing! Your financial success depends on your ability to work together. Financial conditions improve in the second half of November 2017. Money is spent on personal luxury and comfort this month.

The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. You need a rest. Relax and surrender to beautiful dreams. The perfect moment to start a therapy to let go of old pain in order to create space in your life. In the first three weeks of November 2017, you need to pay close attention to your health. You are more sensitive than normal. You might catch a cold or the flu. To keep your energy level in order, a good night's rest essential. Take enough rest in between. Even a short nap makes a difference now you are so vulnerable. Rest and healthy food are vital to stay healthy and fit!

Due to the influence of your ruler Mercury, Gemini must pay attention this month. Beware.
Be careful on the road, especially in the second half of November 2017. Also, there is more chance of misunderstandings, so beware of what you say and what you hear or imagine you hear. However, the growth of your career is not due to Mercury's unfavorable influence this month, so take into account third-party counterparts. Just wait, your time will come.