Capricorn November 2017


Capricorn November 2017

November 2017 is a month of independence and personal strength for Capricorn.
Almost all planets are on the left of the Capricorn horoscope. The input of others is less important. The Cosmos wants to know what you want and what you can achieve on your own.
The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 promises unforgettable, passionate and loving moments! New relationships connect you with your playful inner soul and with who you really are.
Whatever happens, they can be friends for life!

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 falls into your House of Love, Romance and Fun! November 2017 is a social month to enjoy with your partner and your friends. A social month of spontaneous meetings, group activities, going out, parties, dancing, creativity, talking, making love and sporting social involvement, groups, hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. November 2017 is therefore a very social and outgoing period to meet new people or having a date when you are looking for love. You consider your social role or contribution within an association or group. There are invitations for a party or event or you will organize a party or event. Existing relational problems need to be solved. That may be with your partner or lover, but also your business partner, customers or colleagues.

Family and Home
November 2017 is marked by togetherness. A fun time to be together and to be involved. A month of parties and meetings at home with friends and family, groups and group activities. Your children or children in the family or neighborhood ask for your attention. This month you are going to make a decision about a friendship or a family relationship. The Full Moon of November 4, 2017 shows that you organize an activity with children such as a sporting or recreational event or a children's party. Children grow up so fast and fall in love. An elder family relative offers you support. Just like last month, most planets are at the top of the Capricorn horoscope. The focus is on your role in the outside world, career and your skills, but soon this will change towards your private life and family.

The influence of Jupiter in Libra in your Career House has created unique opportunities in your career over the past year, but it has had a re-percussive effect on your private life and social life. The red planet Mars travels through your Career House until December 9, 2017. Mars is ambitious, driven and focused on progress. Mars offers you the possibilities, so grab these possibilities with both hands.
This month, most success can be achieved in professions related to electronics and technology. Venus is your career planet. The special influence of Venus shows that you are very creative this month and are not afraid to go outside your comfort zone. However, it is advisable to complete existing projects and to engage in charity and non-profitable types of projects. This is beneficial for the course of your career! However, a business decision must be delayed until next month.

Jupiter in Scorpio has a favorable influence on the financial affairs for Capricorn. You get financial support from friends and monetary organizations. Investments in technology and communications companies will be profitable in November 2017.
The New Moon of November 18, 2017 shows that it's a good time to invest in high tech equipment, computers or new software this month. There are also sudden windfalls this month. You’d earn more money and this solves a big problem for you. The Lunar Eclipse of 7 August 2017 in your House of Finance has led to a better financial situation for the long-term for Capricorn. Finance has improved in the previous month, but it is still advisable to investigate the situation first and postpone major purchases or financial decisions. Uranus is your planet of Finances. Uranus in Aries is in retrograde until early January 2018. From the last week of November 2017, you see an increase in revenue, but there are still delays and disturbances due to this influence of Uranus.

In the past month, your health has improved. However, it is advisable to take it easy and pay attention to digestion and stool. A detoxifying diet, sufficient water and don’t wait when you need to go to the toilet. You currently benefit from spiritual therapies because your planet Saturn remains in your House of Cosmic Consciousness until the end of December 2017. Saturn reminds you of the need to let go of old emotional burdens. Saturn shows you how much the past influences your present, your motives and issues. This month you will see that there is still a lot of work to be done. This takes time and therefore it's good to distance yourself so now and then.

Next month, your planet Saturn returns home in its own character Capricorn.
Starting December 20, 2017, a new cycle will start in your life for almost 30 years.
This cycle enhances the years of perseverance, control and focus to achieve goals for yourself and your loved ones. During this transformative and profound cycle, you become one with yourself and with the life that you are part of.