Virgo May 2017


Virgo May 2017

The horoscope for Virgo predicts a strong month of May 2017 for career and financial liabilities, while relations could be neglected.
The first three weeks of May 2017 indicate how important teamwork is in achieving your goals. Both personal and business. At the end of May 2017 you get a better overview and insight.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of April 26, 2017 was an indication that you meet a new love on holiday this month. A study or a seminar may cause something beautiful! Neptune is the planet of your relationships. Neptune makes your heart beat faster, but it is not clear whether this relationship is everlasting. May 2017 is less balanced than last month. Obligations at work put a strain on the relationship. There may be criticism, arguing and emotional outbursts. Your partner needs more space. Go to the heart of the problem and try to find the balance. What do you need? What does your partner need? At the end of the month there is more room for romance and togetherness. Take time for each other, life is short.

Family and Home
Jupiter is the planetary ruler of your House of Family ans Home. So many plans for your home, but due to the influence of Saturn in retrograde there are some financial delays. Jupiter is also in retrograde, so you must have patience until early June 2017. The retrograde energy shows that you need to clean up first before you can move forward. Make peace with your past. This is a time of forgiveness and closure. In about 14 years you will see the results of the decisions you've made during this informative ans educational period. Your career requires a lot of attention this month. For home and family, there is less time. But you need the support of your family and friends. The Full Moon of May 10, 2017 shows a second half of May 2017 filled with short trips to make visits and a lot of catching up.

Mars travels through early June 2017 through your House of Career. During this ambitious period you manage to seize opportunities, to find solutions and take big steps with a view to the future. Jupiter in Libra is your cosmic aid in achieving professional goals. Cooperation and making arrangements for mutual interest are the vital keys! The New Moon of April 26, 2017 showed that May 2017 is a positive month for study, professional training, spiritual practice, religion and charity work. Also good period for business. May 2017 is a busy month. But be selective and say no if you feel something is too big to handle. The New Moon of May 25, 2017 falls in your House of Career and this allows new developments in your career and an increase in job opportunities!

Jupiter in Libra in your House of Finance is the key to more revenue. This positive financial energy gives new financial mechanisms to ensure financial stability and security. Take advantage of this energy and the possibilities, because this happens only once in twelve years! May 2017 is a powerful financial month thanks to the right business contacts and developments in your career. You can count on the support of family to improve your financial position. Your social and business network is the key to financial developments in May 2017.

May 2017 is a positive month, also for your health. From May 21 2017 you take it easy. You'll need more relaxation. Try to delegate essential things in your job and your family, because stress is the last thing you need. May 2017 is a good month to start with a healthy diet. Listen to your body! Your body is the temple of your soul. Take good care for your temple! Make healthy choices. Also in your diet. It is also advisable to take time off in May 2017. A short break will do you good, Virgo.

The Moon is connected to friendships and groups of Virgo. The period until the Full Moon to May 10, 2017 and from the New Moon of May 25, 2017 is the best social time to schedule an appointment or to conclude a new contract.
A problem needs to be solved this month. Do not walk away from it, but tackle is! Do not worry about trivial things, but focus on the true essential.