Scorpio May 2017


Scorpio May 2017

In this period of the year, most of the planets are shifting to the western sector of the Scorpio horoscope. Cooperation and social skills are the keys to achieve your goals. The outside world is becoming more important! The Full Moon of May 10, 2017 falls in your own sign, Scorpio. That gives you a great boost. Your strong willpower, creativity and motivation makes this month the most productive month of the year. May 2017 is the month of renewal. A new project at work, a new phase in a relationship, a new lifestyle. Career is beneficial. Financially a less rosy month.

Love and Relationships
Many love opportunities for the single Scorpio. In May 2017 there will be more room for feelings in the steady relationship with Mars in the House of Intimacy. From May 16, 2017 there will be improvement in the relationship. Time for romance! The New Moon of April 26, 2017 fell in your House of Relationships. From this moment someone may have entered your life who will play a big role in your life or you take a new step in a relationship such as an engagement or marriage or business partnership or other form of cooperation to launch a project. The influence of Mercury in the House of Relationships from mid-May 2017 indicates a great time to reconnect with someone from the past, but you have to make a clear choice.

Family and Home
May 2017 is the month of togetherness. Being together with your family, relatives and friends. This month you organize a party at home where you get to know influential people. Your family does not agree with your partner. In the first three weeks of May 2017 you should try to restore the balance. Try to give equal attention to both your family and your partner. Your family and friends are the indispensable pillars beneath your career. This month there is news about a pregnancy in the family or you long for a child.

Until May 2, 2017 Mercury is still in retrograde in your House of Work. Until mid-May 2017, however, there may be still delays at work due to the shadow period of Mercury. The virtues of the North Node in Leo until early November 2018 in your House of Career leads to the achievement of many goals! May 2017 is a career month. Many opportunities for Scorpio job seekers your won company. The first half of May 2017 is dedicated to finishing and preparation. In the second half of May 2017 developments will be realized. Good news for your career. From May 23, 2017 there is an offer you cannot refuse. However, teamwork is very important in May 2017. You will need the cooperation of others to achieve your goals this month. Flexibility is the secret key to success this month.

The influence of Saturn in retrograde in the House of Finance highlights the need to get finances in order or restructure finances. That means that more time is required to do research and to look at the financial feasibility this month. The New Moon on May 25, 2017 falls in your House of Shared Finances. A new relationship shows an optimistic start, but trips over a financial matter this month or there are financial problems involving your spouse or partner. In your own business you have to keep a finger on the pulse regarding unpaid invoices, both debtors and creditors. Saturn in retrograde allows you the opportunity to review financial strategies and where necessary, make financial adjustments of corrections. Think carefully when making major purchases and investments.

Watch your diet, Scorpio. Due to stress, you’re tempted to overeat of you don’t eat at all. May 2017 is actually a great month to take the decision to start a new lifestyle. Please note that this month is also on your breathing. Are you aware of your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations while you breathe. Are you aware of what you're doing, are you're relaxed, do you feel that you are alive? Is your attention with yourself or with others? The psychological aspect of your health is very important to keep your body in shape. When you are in top condition, you perform better at work!

May 2017 feels in many aspects for Scorpion as a new beginning. At work you are getting started with new ideas! Scorpio is in a building phase, and that means only one thing: go for it. Advisable is that you use this new energy well! Have an early night, good food, lots of exercise. Be sure to enjoy all the surrounding beauty. Open your eyes and open your soul.
It is good to make an interim assessment for yourself. Are you (still) on the right path?