Sagittarius May 2017


Sagittarius May 2017

May 2017 is a month of transition. The focus will shift from the inner world to the outside world. The Sagittarius will focus on career and social objectives.
In May 2017, collaboration and cooperation of others is paramount. Time of flexibility and customization. The measure of success in your career remains dependent on your emotional wellbeing.

Love and Relationships
Venus in Aries in the first half of May 2017 has a major impact on your relationships and your love life. High peaks, deep valleys. May 2017 is the month of love. May 2017 makes your heart beat faster. You will find a new love in the gym, at a sport event, creative activities, a meeting or a party or at going out. You need to get out! The New Moon on May 25, 2017 falls in your House of Relationships. From that moment on someone can cross your path who will play a big role in your life or you consider an engagement or marriage or business partnership or other form of cooperation. From the end of May to early June 2017, Mars travels through your House of Relationships. This gives you the energy, openness and commitment to (re)build a relationship.

Family and Home
In the past month there may have been trouble at home due to Venus in retrograde. There is a distance between family members or this is a time when you need some time to (re)find yourself. Venus has resumed its direct orbit around the Sun again. Solutions are being sought to improve the family relationship. The relationship and atmosphere at home enhances. In May 2017 there are repairs to the house or gardening. The North Node in Leo indicates that spirituality will play a major role in the inner peace within the family.
Applying Feng Shui in the home and the use of Eastern elements in the garden can have a healing effect. These elements bring balance and peace back in your home and your family.

From the end of 2015, the beneficial influence of the North Node in Virgo in your House of Career has led to achieving many goals! The month of May 2017 is a true key month for your career. A busy month, but it requires much effort from you. A promising month for job seeker Sagittarius. In your own company you will find the right man or woman for the vacancy! At the end of May 2017 you go on a business trip. As you have noticed, there is a continued emphasis on work and career. There are events when you ask yourself: Do I (still) fancy my job? Does this job (still) suits me? How can I make better use my capacities? Teamwork and creativity lead to surprising developments at the end of May 2017.

May 2017 shows a stable financial month for Sagittarius. Saturn is your planet of Finance. You know due the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius very well what is going on and how to make money. Still, it is advisable to economize. At the end of this year, Saturn will enter your House of Finance and will stay there until March 2020. This urges providing a financial buffer. Saturn will join Pluto in Capricorn which already travels through your House of Finance since the beginning of 2009. Saturn teaches the value of money and assets, being sensible with money and make good decisions to create a stable financial base, for now and in the future. This economical, but instructive period gives you a different view of money and possessions.

This month you have a restless feeling. Especially from 21 May 2017. You are tired and not feeling well. The solution is: get some exercise. Go outside! Sports activities with friends or have a walk, a swim, cycling, it does not matter what you do. Do not sit at home, but go out. Your discomfort will soon be forgotten. An early night and proper nutrition are also essential to keep you in shape. You tend to eat too much or even nothing at all when you are stressed. Too much, too salty, too sweet, too greasy. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, that’s what you need. And not to forget, a lot of love! Talk a lot with each other, be open and honest. No secrets! The Full Moon of May 10, 2017 falls in your House of Cosmic Consciousness, Renunciation and Release. The ideal moment to start a therapy to release old pain and create more space in your life.

There are ambiguities in the beginning of May 2017 about your relationship or new love. It is advisable to let things run its course. Do not force anything.Let is come naturally! It is advisable to move a lot this month to channel the restlessness in yourself. Sporting activities are more fun than being alone. Stop worrying. During or after a walk or work out the answer you seek comes naturally.