Libra May 2017


Libra May 2017

The Full Moon of April 11, 2017 fell in Libra! And with your personal planet Venus in Aries, nothing stands in your way to embrace life! However, the month of May 2017 is an unpredictable month regarding love and career. May 2017 is largely devoted to the mysteries of life and the search for answers for all aspects of life.

Love and Relationships
May 2017 is an unpredictable month for love and commitment. The influence of Mercury and Venus in Aries indicates unexpected and passionate developments. But also a broken relationship could happen. In a fixed relationship, there is tension and agitation through the intervention of third parties. A new love may arise at work or at spiritual places.
In a relationship, it is advisable to keep communicating. Stay open and honest, no secrets. It is more difficult to keep a secret than to tell the truth.

Family and Home
Saturn is the planet of your Home and Family. Saturn in Sagittarius is in retrograde. May 2017 indicates some problems with close relatives such as brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and neighbors. Saturn in Sagittarius improves to mid-December 2017 relations with close relatives. There will be a reconciliation or a definite break. Saturn teaches you in the coming years important lessons about family. What does family mean to you? Who is your real family? These life lessons are designed to show you the way. This month there are problems at home that have to do with your work. You are a genuine umpire in your family. Through your mediation, most problems will be solved. At the end of May 2017 things calm down at home.

With most of the planets at the top of the Libra horoscope your career is becoming more and more important. In your own business you get busier and there are exciting developments. Even at work, you can count on recognition and reward for your efforts. You need to consider the relationship with your colleagues or employees. The best results depend on collaboration. A colleague may not be happy with the way things are going at work or an employee takes private problems to work. Talk to each other solve problems. When the air is cleared, there will be room for positive developments. Your job or business requires a lot of energy in this period of the year. In the second half of May 2017 you will see the best results. Take a step back away from your work. Don’t take your work home, but leave it where it belongs. Rest and relaxation are necessary to fulfill your responsibilities at work and finding solutions for various problems at work.

The Full Moon of May 10, 2017 falls in your House of Shared Finances. A new business or personal relationship has a brisk start, but trips over a financial matter. Financially speaking, May 2017 is a month of ups and downs. Especially from May 20, 2017 there are financial challenges for Libra. Fortunately, you can count on the stable financial position of your partner. Adherence to a good financial planning is very important this month. Cut back and set priorities. Spend money only when necessary. Pluto is the planet of your money. Pluto rules Scorpio. When in October 2017 Jupiter enters Scorpio you may look forward an agreeable period of financial developments!

Take some distance this month. From a situation, from someone. If something is too big to handle for you, go for a walk along the beach or the woods. The answer that you seek comes naturally with the wind. The fresh outside air is your source of inspiration. In the Garden of Mother Nature, you get exactly what you need. The second half of May 2017 looks better for your health.
May 2017 is a good month to start a healthy diet or sport. The health of your partner can cause some concern. It may be so that you are tired this month. Listen to your body and give yourself a break. Your emotional health may affect your physical health. Stop worrying, that makes no sense.

May 2017 is the month of relationships. Relationships reflect what you want, who you are and why things are as they are in your life. May 2017 is a month of ups and downs. Whatever happens, you can always rely on the cosmic support of Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter gives you that good energy to make the right choice and to recover. The New Moon of May 25, 2017 falls in your House of Travel. Business training and traveling for work, contacts abroad or foreigners are recurring themes and affect your work this month.