Leo May 2017


Leo May 2017

The month of May 2017 indicates a favorable month for professional and financial purposes. With most of the planets at the top of the Leo horoscope, the outside world, career and social life occupies an important place in the coming months. In this powerful period nothing and nobody is gonna stop you in achieving your social goals.

Love and Relationships
May 2017 is a month of confusion when it comes to love, Leo. This month a new love can be broken, but also a new union will be formed. May 2017 is a passionate month. This month you will find a new love on holiday, at a seminar, school or university. Also through internet dating. This month you are going to learn a lot about love. Learning moments this month may be sweet, but also bittersweet. Collaboration is a theme this month, also in the field of love. Two heads are better than one, together can be more than just. You should involve your partner in everything you do. Give your partner the feeling that he or she is the most important person in your universe.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of May 10, 2017 falls in your House of Family and Home. In the next two weeks, there are plans to move if there is an actual relocation, renovation or changes in and around the house. The Full Moon in the House of Family and Home also reveals family expansion or plans in this regard. Even though you are busy at work you have to focus your attention on your home and family. Cooperation is the key to success and that goes for your family too. Your family is a machine that never sleeps. Without fuel the machine stops. Cooperation is the fuel that powers the machine. Together you can achieve so much more!

Venus is the planet of your career. Venus has turned direct and that means full steam ahead, Leo. And from 3 May 2017, Mercury goes direct ! You’ve had time to think about a new direction and now you know how you can change a situation. The New Moon of April 26, 2017 fell in your House of Career. Until mid-May 2017, there is high probability of a promotion or new job. A positive period for making plans for the long term. Also new business opportunities such as a new agreement or renegotiation, new customers or orders. You are responsible for your actions and the resulting outcomes. You prefer to work for yourself and adjusting yourself is the last thing on your mind. But cooperation is the quickest way to success and it shows again at the beginning of May 2017. Your physical health is your secret weapon at work. If you feel good, you perform better. Regular exercise and doing sports maintain your physical strength fitness and your social success!

Your career shows an upward trend and that means a financial improvement. Revenues come from abroad, study, spirituality or friends, family and business and social networking.
The second half of May 2017 looks favorable. Your financial intuition is infallible. If something feels good, that's true. If something does not feel right, just walk away. Mercury is your financial planet. Mercury is no longer in retrograde. The financial delays in recent weeks does provide space to make the necessary changes in your financial planning.
Long-term investments, securities and real estate indicate favorable results in May 2017.

Stress. Due to pressure at work and in your personal life, you can suffer from stress. Stress has a negative effect on your body and mind. In the first three weeks in May 2017 you need plenty of rest, but also physical exercise to rebuild your physical condition. At the end of May 2017 you feel fine. Unwind in the sauna or take a few days off to paint or create in the Gardens of Mother Nature. When you have come to rest, there will be room for new ideas! Stress is blocking and delaying. When you are calm and balanced, the energy will flow. And that gives the best results!

The month of May 2017 is the month of knowledge. Increase your knowledge and skills, such as learning a new language, a computer system, no matter what you do. Nourish your body and mind with something new! Listen to your soul. What are the deepest desires of your heart? Do you follow the path of your heart?