Taurus March 2017


Taurus March 2017

March 2017 is generally a quest. Like last month, most planets are situated above the horizon of the Taurus horoscope. The focus is on your role in the outside world and career, on your skills and capacities. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Venus travels through Aries and turns retrograde from March 4, 2017. Until April 15, 2017 this could lead to less confidence and the feeling that you're a little lost. The influence of Mars in Taurus from March 11, 2017 is an indication of independence and power. You want to pursue happiness, but because of the retrograde Venus you do not know how to achieve your goals.

Love and Relationships
Friendships and group activities are more important this month, especially in the first three weeks of March 2017. March 2017 is not really a month which is overflowing with love. Your Venus is retrograde in Aries from March 4 to April 14, 2017. Venus puts relationships to the test. It is about freedom within relationships and unrealistic expectations that you cherish in relationships. A former love can cross your path. Pluto is the planet of your relationships. Pluto is harassed this month by hard aspects. Generally, things in relationships will improve from March 21, 2017, more stability and growth. A new love is waiting for you at places with a spiritual touch as a spiritual retreat, seminar, a reading, volunteering or charitable campaign.

Family and Home
The House of Family and Property is still empty, so the focus is on the career. That does not mean that family issues are less important. Only the Moon in Leo will be visiting the area of Home and Family on 9 and March 10, 2017. Those are the days to restore order. The penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 11, 2017 was the gateway to important developments in your private life, home and family, but also shows in the next half year the necessity to get rid of old pain from the past and to work towards a stable home situation. The mutual atmosphere and living conditions show an improvement over 2017. The Moon also symbolizes the communication skills for the Taurus. Every time when the Moon is in her Waxing phase, her energy grows stronger. And that’s the best time for you to start something new regarding communication, make phone calls, short trips, write letters or pay a visit. In March 2017 this will be from 1 to March 10, 2017. Each time the Moon is in her Waning Phase, her strength becomes less. Generally, the Taurus adopt a wait and see attitude in that period which is from 14 to 31 March 2017.

Especially in the first half of March 2017, you are more idealistic for no apparent reason, but this is about to change. Your planet Venus turns retrograde in Aries from March 4 to April 14, 2017. Relationships will be put to the test. It is about freedom within business relationships and unrealistic expectations that you cherish with regard to a business relationship. Professionally, this indicates the beginning of a business partnership or important financial cooperation. As of March 21, 2017, a Great Cardinal Square will be formed in the sky. This indicates big changes for you, but also the absolute need something to build or rebuild your life. This may be in terms of career, money, home or relationships. Taurus wants to stay in control and does not like changes. The job seeker Taurus may also be selective during the retrograde Venus. Not every job suits you. The right job will find you! This also applies when you look for employees in your company. Not everyone fits in, so be careful in your choice. This month there is progress in spiritual practice but also a charity projects.

Mercury is your financial planet. As of March 14, 2017 to March 31, 2017, Mercury travels through Aries. Mercury is your planet of the Money. That means you can rely on your financial intuition. On 4 and March 5, 2017 Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. They are also eminently days to follow your gut feelings, because they are infallible when you have to make a financial decision. Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries on 26 and 27 March 2017. These days lead to sudden, unexpected financial twists in your career or support from the home, parents or elders in your family. March 2017 is generally positive financial month, but with ups and downs. It is advisable to postpone major purchases or long-term financial commitments until after March 22, 2017. Communication and the way you communicate on financial issues is the key this month. Be clear, ensure that you are well informed and do your homework. This month, most profits by selling to large groups or group activities, financial cooperation and support of partners.

Stress is the biggest culprit of this month. Venus is the planet of your health and it goes retrograde in Aries in March 2017. The retrograde Venus shows that you are confronted with unconscious problems and old issues. This month, you need a lot of rest and relaxation to reduce stress. The retrograde Venus also shows that following a strict diet now is not a good idea. Be gentle with yourself. Mars travels from March 11 to April 21, 2017 through Taurus, and that gives you an energy boost, but it also makes you restless. Headache. You are physically active and therefore you need more exercise. You need physical exercise, but also you need to dance, yoga and tai chi which is a great outlet for this energy. Your head, face and neck need a lot of attention. You benefit from natural remedies and meditation, contemplation and retreat. Get plenty of sleep. This month, you are more likely to have prophetic dreams.

The red planet Mars travels from March 11 until April 21, 2017 through Taurus. Mars makes independent, gives energy and courage, so these are the best months to start a personal project. Mars is every two years in your sign, so do not miss this opportunity and take the necessary steps. But do not be hasty! Take your time in everything you do. Your Venus goes retrograde from March 4 to April 14, 2017. This may have an inhibitory effect on your plans. Do not give up! Old issues return at this time to make a clean sweep. What is good for you, naturally comes to you. Surround yourself with the color green. This color brings peace and harmony in this turbulent month.