Capricorn March 2017


Capricorn March 2017

Just like last month, most of the planets are situated at the bottom of the Capricorn horoscope. The focus is on home, family and emotional wellbeing. Jupiter is still retrograde in your House of Career. In this period of the Night, the cosmic hibernation, you're building a solid foundation for your career. From March 21 2017 there is a major planetary shift in the Capricorn-horoscope. In the coming months you will focus on cooperation. So if you want to change something on your own you must so before 21 March 2017. In the coming months you will need the cooperation of others in everything you do and every decision you make. Through the influence of the two Eclipses last month, March 2017 is mainly dedicated to your partner and domestic issues.

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse in your House of the Soul and Transformation of February 11, 2017 was a universal gateway to a higher level of intimacy in your relationship. Sharing love and loving goes much deeper, at a soul level. An encounter in your life is not just a flirtation, but a soul commitment. The Moon is the ruler of your House of Relationships. The period from the Crescent Moon to the Full Moon is the best time for love, all your relationships and friends. This month from March 1 to March 12, 2017 and again from 28 March 2017, the New Moon. The second half of the month, you are less ‘romantic’, more cautious, you take a wait and see approach with the Waning Moon. Venus is the ruler of your fifth house of Love and Romance. Venus in Aries goes retrograde from March 4, 2017. By Venus' influence you must be extra careful with love affairs.

Family and Home
Mars is the planet of your Home and Family. Mars travels until March 10, 2017 through your House of Home and Family. Favorable period for doing chores at home, a removal, running errands or redecorating home and garden. From March 11 to April 21, 2017 Mars will support family relationships. In March 2017, there are underhanded comments in the family that relate to your career. This can lead to great discussions. Through a flexible approach confidence can be restored with the help of Mars in Aries and solutions will be found for problems. Thanks to the influence of Mars you want to make a fresh start or make a new approach at home. A good time to organize a family gathering or to plan an active holiday. From March 4 to April 11, 2017, Venus goes retrograde in Aries. During this period, financial conditions put a temporary brake on your home plans. Take a time-out.

The planetary forces are at the bottom half of the Capricorn horoscope. This is the time of the Night, a time of cosmic Hibernation. This period lasts until the end of June 2017. A period of rest and recovery. Most planets are still in the first quadrant of the Capricorn horoscope, the quadrant of personal power and independence. During this period you can create conditions for yourself much easier and you do not depend on the input of others. During this period, the Night, you prepare yourself for the next cycle of career success. You're building the foundation of your career or you strengthen the foundation of your career. A stable private life is the solid foundation for future growth in the career. With Mars in your House of Family and Home you focus on home and family! Jupiter is in retrograde in your House of Career. Another indication that this is the time of preparation, visualizing and setting career goals for the times to come.

Your financial position shows major changes. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 11, 2017 fell in your eighth house of Shared Finances. The financial situation of your spouse, lover or business partner may show major changes in the next six months. Uranus is the planet of your Money. This month Uranus in Aries is opposing Jupiter in Libra. And that means there is a lot to gain, but it takes a lot to get what you deserve. There are financial risks associated with transactions. Be careful and make sure you know what you are buying. Especially in the first half of March 2017 you have to pay attention. The position of Mars in your House of Family and Home shows that parents or older relatives are financially supportive in the first half of March 2017.

Your health requires extra attention this month. It is of the utmost importance that your energy level is maintained! What you need is a real treat. Necessary indulgence. Time for the wellness center! Have a massage and take extra care of your feet. Also, your head needs much attention. A pressure point massage and scalp massage, a new hairdo. Emotional health is important as well, so take plenty of rest and relaxation. From March 21 2017 you get stressed by the influence of the Sun in Aries. From that moment you have to take it easy. Perhaps some time off, Capricorn?

Just like last month, Capricorn is in the period of the Night. The cosmic Night is the time of restoration and construction of new forces. Your personal power is still very strong, so the world adapts to your needs instead of the other way around. Everything is going to change with the beginning of Spring. From March 21 2017 you’ll enter a period in which initiative and independence are no longer self-evident. Caution is advisable, because you are not always understood. Venus in Aries means that you say what you think and not everyone like what you say.