Cancer March 2017


Cancer March 2017

In March 2017 you experience major challenges. March 2017 is a very active and hectic month of many changes. From the moment the Sun enters the sign of Aries a period of independence begins due to planetary shift to the eastern side of the Cancer horoscope. When Spring begins, so does a period of independence. Of course there will be times in the next six month that you have to compromise, but overall you are in control!

Love and Relationships
The first three weeks of March 2017 will be a little strained, but from the Spring Equinox you will see an improvement in love and your social life. The retrograde Venus show delays in love. It makes no sense to go on an adventure or to try to force matters in a partnership, because you won’t be successful, Cancer. There is conflict of interest and outside interference. Sometimes it’s like the gap cannot be overcome. Don’t worry, Cancer. This will pass.

Family and Home
On March 1, 2017, Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is opposing Jupiter in Libra in your House of Home and Family. On that day, tempers rise high at home. Actually, March 2017 is a month of challenges. The aim is broadly to balance your ambition with your personal life, your family, your home and your emotional well-being. One can not exist without the other. The retrograde Venus (ruler of your House of Family and Home) and the retrograde Jupiter in the House of Family and Home show that problems won’t be solved at home. It takes time, because your career will win for the time being. The Full Moon of March 12, 2017 falls in your House of short trips, communication, friends, siblings and neighbors. In the next two weeks, there is a trip outside the city to the water or to a nearby town to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you purchase a car, computer, mobile phone or telephone this month. This month, there are more e-mails, text messages and phone calls.

Your career eclipses everything, Cancer. Study plans of last year or a delayed voyage will be put in motion thanks to the impact of the Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017. Mars is the planet of your career. Mars will continue in your House of Career until March 10, 2017. You are very ambitious because of the influence of Mars. You have to work hard and maybe you work long hours to reach your goals. Mars strengthens the challenging energy of Uranus in Aries in the Career House. Uranus in Aries will remain until March 2019 in your House of Career! Until then, there are major changes in your career. Venus joins Mars since February 4, 2017 on his journey through your House of Career. The retrograde Venus in Aries from March 4, 2017 shows some delay in your career regarding your private life. Cancer is associated with the Moon. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017 shows in the next six months of 2017 major changes in your career growth, money and profit forecasts. The New Moon in Aries of March 28, 2017 falls in your House of Career. In the next two weeks there is a chance of getting a promotion or advancement in your career. It is also a time to start with a new project or a business venture.

Financially, March 2017 is a positive month. The Lunar Eclipse of February 11, 2017 in your House of Finance was the outer gate to a healthy financial situation and financial settlement in the coming months. In the first three weeks of March 2017 you can trust your financial intuition, especially on 1 and 2 March 2017, your intuition will guide you in your financial decisions. The Sun symbolizes your finances. The Sun is favorable in the first three weeks! From March 21, 2017 you can count on financial profit from your business or raise, personal merits, but also financial support from the family. Invest in your career through study or travel. Financial developments occur at a high rate, but are unstable. Sudden and unexpected financial changes, but also unexpected expenses in the short term. Beware of making ill-considered expenses. Next month, the financial matters settle down.

Your health is good during the first three weeks of March 2017, but the last week of the month still requires some attention. Your career is so hectic, demanding and time-consuming, and that means stress and fatigue. A relaxing massage, an early night and a power nap in between are necessary to maintain your energy. Focus on what is really important. Focus on what is essential. Distract yourself from the rush and bustle when a dark cloud appears. Leave alcohol and coffee as far as possible.

Cancer is associated with the Moon. From 1 to March 11, 2017 and from March 29, 2017, the Moon is in her Waxing phase. The run-up to the Full Moon is your best time of the month! During this period you will feel physically stronger, healthier, more enthusiastic and optimistic. The best time to initiate things in your career and plan important things. The period after the Full Moon, so from March 13, 2017, is the phase of the waning Moon. This is the time to finish things, to rest and to release.