Taurus June 2017


Taurus June 2017

June 2017 is colored by family affairs, home and inner construction. The career will be less active for Taurus.

Love and Relationships
During the second weekend of June 2017 you can fall head over heals in love. In the second half of June 2017 are the best love chances. You have many good ideas and your innovative approach is lovingly noticed! Make use of this positive flow and go for it now you are more comfortable expressing your opinion. And that goes for even the most shy Taurus. June 2017 is an exciting month. Perhaps you are challenged, but that's exciting. Do not give up and go for it. In a fixed relationship there are some issues that need to be resolved this month. When the sky becomes clear and bright, nothing stands in your way to embrace love with total dedication.

Family and Home
This month, there are some issues at home involving unresolved issues in the relationship. This has an impact on the family. It is advisable to speak openly about what is bothering you. Do not make big decisions regarding your marriage or living together. You need to come together before you can make a decision. Family members can be the connecting link this month when finding a solution in matters of the heart. The New Moon of June 24, 2017 is the best time to tell something, delicate that you didn’t dare to mention before. There are short trips, visit at home or you are going on a visit this month.

June 2017 shows a favorable month for students, but also for teachers in higher education. June 2017 is also a great month to make a business trip. The unpredictable Uranus and the confusing Neptune may negatively influence your career this month. Problems at work require attention, time and patience.
Taurus in advertising and sales is most successful this month. Allow yourself to be heard at the beginning of June 2017. Instigate the discussion instead of watching others ripping off your ideas. Do not say yes, while you mean no! The only reward you receive when you help people doing their job is more work! The first half of June 2017 is the best time to apply or to conduct a business discussion. Ask yourself the following question: Are you still happy with what you do? The end of June 2017 is the best time to present a new project.

June 2017 is a powerful month for your financial situation. The planets are favorable for Taurus! Just use your discretion, if something feels good for you, that's the way it works. Most profits are achieved in June 2017 by income from the company, real estate transactions and family and support for friends. Investments in advertising projects, media and communications are profitable. But your biggest source of income is your own intuition that leads you the right way. Mercury is your planet of finance. Mercury travels through your House of Finance from June 7, 2017 until June 21, 2017, and this influence is particularly beneficial for Taurus. It is advisable, however, to accommodate a tailored savings plan and to evaluate your finances. For example, review your insurance package. The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 shows that this is the best time to do so.

June 2017 shows a happy month for your health. But you are control! Healthy nutrition is essential. This month you may be faced with headache and stomach ache, but these complaints are stress related. Regularly to the gym is good. Why not try another kind of sport? A new world opens itself for you when you give it a chance. Outer beauty begins with inner beauty. Take good care of yourself well. Do not skip meals and get away from stressful situations as much as you possibly can. Stress is the worst enemy. So make the choice for yourself!

At the beginning of June 2017 you may feel like something doesn’t feel right. It's a cosmic opportunity to step back and see what's going on. From a distance you see things more clear than when from close! Do not let yourself be rushed at work. Find a way to discuss problems. Do not hold back, Taurus.