Libra June 2017


Libra June 2017

June 2017 is a positive month of admiration, fun and attention for Libra! This month, a significant planetary shift takes place. Almost all planets are now on the upper side of the Libra horoscope, which means that the focus will be on career and outside world in the coming months. There is also a shift of cooperation towards independence.

Love and Relationships
This month you are less focused on love because you are so busy at work or with your studies. As a Libra, you do know how to divide your time between love and work. In June 2017, an old love may disturb your relationship. This month, the single Libra may fall in love with a business relationship, colleague or even the boss! A love can flourish at a business meeting or office party. At the beginning of the month your special appearance works like a magnet! June 2017 is a great month tot spend a good time with your friends, celebrate a party or go out together. Your spontaneity is rewarded with loving attention and romantic moments.

Family and Home
June 2017 is one of the happiest months of the year. You radiate and want to enjoy life. At home you organize a party and invite families and friends to celebrate life.
The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 shows a short trip to visit family or friends or people come to see you at home! June 2017 is also a great month to go on a vacation with your family or on your own. In June 2017, you are delighted to immerse yourself in a spiritual book. June 2017 is a wonderful month of warmth to spend a lovely time with family and friends at home! Halfway through the month, a family member or friend needs your help.

June 2017 is a demanding and busy month for your career. In the first half of June 2017 there is some surprising news at your work. In the first half of June 2017 your expertise will be asked to solve a problem at work. You are most willing to do so and your solution will be followed with interest! The New Moon of June 24, 2017 falls into your House of Career. The planetary recipe for new success in your career! An important project that you started a while ago sees the light of day. In any case, doors will open for you. The New Moon also increases your chances on the job market and good study results.

In the first three weeks there are financial difficulties, but from the last week of June 2017 there is an improvement in the financial situation. At least, there will be enough money to do fun things like trips and parties. The last week of June 2017 is the best time to invest and to do your fun shopping.

In the second half of June 2017 you need to slow down, Libra. You are so busy that you forget to take quality time for yourself. Make sure you enjoy a good diet and do not skip meals. Especially breakfast is the main meal of the day and should not be forgotten, even if you are so busy! Your energy level is high this month. You are very restless and that means it won’t be easy to sleep. Read a good book before going to sleep and turn off the TV and mobile phone. Have a walk after dinner.

This month you are restless. Especially in the last week of June 2017 you are restless, because you are so high in your energy. When you feel uneasy, just exercise, go out. Take a walk in the Gardens of Mother Nature in all her splendor and beauty.
With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, the first three weeks of June 2017 are favorable for traveling. A beautiful spiritual book or study provides you new insights and carries you on a flying carpet to unknown horizons.