Leo June 2017


Leo June 2017

The strength of the Sun in Gemini focuses mainly on your friends and social involvement this month. June 2017 is a social month, a month of interaction that will take you further in your career and in love.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 falls into your House of Love and Romance! This Full Moon promises unforgettable and loving moments! In the next two weeks you will gain more self-awareness through love, and in a fixed relationship you will notice more dynamism. New relationships bring you in touch with your inner soul and help you get in touch with who you are. How it develops, they are friends for life!
Also in a regular relationship there is love in abundance. You spend more time together and make new friends. The first half of June 2017 shows many possibilities to meet love! Do not adopt a wait-and-see attitude, you need to take action, Leo! The power of the Full Moon makes you extra charming and gives you many romantic ideas to surprise your lover! However, a new love needs time to grow. Allow yourself and our lover that time.

Family and Home
June 2017 shows that you are busy with your house or with a renovation. Your work requires a lot of attention from you and you need to find the balance between work and private life. Also in June 2017, cooperation is the key to achieving the best results. This month, your good ideas lead to big changes at home. June 2017 is a loving month for your family. The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 indicates that children come tot the foreground. Spend a lovely and playful time together, but there is also room to let your own inner child come out and play.

June 2017 shows progress in your career! By networking or connecting to a professional association or buying organization. Spirituality and charity show also career opportunities in the course of June 2017. This month you have brilliant ideas. Show them to the world! These ideas may influence the course of your career. Maybe you're a little absent this month. You are in love and this love is in your head. Love feeds your creative heart, so this loving feeling can make a positive contribution at work. At the end of June 2017 there is a nice surprise in your career.

June 2017 shows many financial opportunities. An investment at the beginning of the month will show results at the end of June 2017. The most profit is achieved from an investment in real estate, media, construction, technology and commerce. Your social network and an investment club can be highly advantageous from the financial perspective. This month you will financially support charities.

Compared with the previous month, your energy level is higher. However, it is important to have plenty of rest and do not cross borders. Stress is an ever-present nasty factor. Exercising is the key word this month! It does not matter what you do, swimming, dancing or another sport as long if you do! Exercising gives a healthy boost to your life. You radiate when you feel good. And then you perform much better! Go out, let the Sun warm your heart and bring your creativity out. A dip in the middle of June 2017 is meant to be a cosmic resting point in order to recharge yourself!

Personal initiative and hard work go hand in hand this month. This combination will provide the best results this month. The New Moon of June 24, 2017 reveals underlying problems. There are things are taking place behind the scenes. The time has not yet come to present something to the world, so keep it to yourself. Wait and do not share your views.