Cancer June 2017


Cancer June 2017

June 2017 is a very powerful month for Cancer. Especially your career and finances are strongly supported by Uranus in Aries and the Node in Leo. Your dedication in the past few months is beginning to bear sweet fruit. You get what you deserve.

Love and Relationships
The keyword this month is dedication.
You may feel that you are taken for granted in the relationship. When you are getting that feeling, it's time for a new approach. Of course this uncomfortable feeling is not fun and a sense of emptiness can go very deep. Whatever happens in relationship has a reason and you can learn from it. June 2017 is a good month to plan a new step like an engagement! But of course you can visualize how wonderful it would be to meet the love of your life! Next month, the Full Moon falls into your House of Relationships and so a dream may come true!
The second half of June 2017 is the best period for love! Listen to your heart and let it lead your way.

Family and Home
In everything that happens this month, ask yourself the question: what is the lesson that I can learn from this? The first half of June 2017 is the best time for doing chores at home. The second half of June 2017 is dedicated to quality time with your family! Do not let yourself be rushed this month. But when you are so busy, you forget to enjoy each other. Now it’s the time to switch off en let yourself go. Have a nice time at the beach. Listen to what the sea wants you to know.

The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 falls into your House of Work. The next two weeks shows an increase in work and the possibility of a new job. It is good to follow a study that promotes the course of your career! Jupiter turns direct on June 9, 2017 and that is good news for your career, Cancer. Jupiter contributes to an appropriate job! Jupiter supports your career from the House of Family and Home, which means that you can count on the warm support of your family in your career. June 2017 is a beautiful month for the study of business-oriented courses. Whatever direction you choose, your efforts will be rewarded. June 2017 is a month with a chance of promotion! June 2017 is not a month to sit back and relax. In the second half of June 2017 you must keep your wits about you. You are inclined to act quickly and by doing so something important may be overlooked.

June 2017 is a favorable financial month. At the end of June 2017 there is an unexpected windfall! In June 2017 you tend to spend money on nice things. You want to pamper yourself! But social charities can count on your warm support. Supporting charities is good for your karma. Through the Node in the House of Finance, you will have a time of good fortune, however, intentions must be pure. Your financial intuition runs high and that you can see translated into a nice result. This month there is a financial advantage over the internet.

The month of June 2017 is a good month for your health. The keyword is exercise. How you do it does not matter as long as you do it! Running, cycling, yoga, swimming or a long walk. Exercising reduces stress and gives you better condition. Not only physically, but you need to get in shape mentally too! By reading, doing crosswords and games you stimulate your brains and this keeps you alert. When you do not have stress, you'll look much better and you'll perform better. Do not forget your good looks! Plan a visit to the beautician or have a day in the spa.

The New Moon of June 24, 2017 falls into your House of Personality! The beginning of your personal new solar cycle. Your universal solar cycle is in its growing phase. Anyway, congratulations with your new Solar Year, Cancer! During this period of the year you are in charge to give content to your life the way you want. Spirituality occupies an important place this month. Take the time to enter yourself. Who are you, what do you want, where do I want to go? To what extent has the past left its mark on me? What can you do to find my destination?