Virgo July 2017


Virgo July 2017

The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 falls into your House of Love and Creativity. This Full Moon promises unforgettable and loving moments! Love and creativity bring more self-esteem and in a regular relationship comes more dynamism. New relationships bring you in touch with your inner soul and reveal who you really are. How it develops, they will be friends for life! This creative month will make your heart beat faster and makes you shine.

Love and Relationships
The influence of Venus in Gemini is evident this month! You like to shop and stroll. With your radiant appeal, you will get noticed! July 2017 is a great month to meet the love of your life! There are parties and various possibilities this month, so do not sit and wait at home! In the first week of July 2017, friendships will play a big part in love! So enjoy this month and celebrate the love.

Family and Home
In the first half of July 2017 there is an important event in the family or in your social circle. It's something you should definitely be part of. Jupiter is your planet of Family and Home. Jupiter has resumed its direct orbit around the Sun last month, and now you notice that there is progress at home and in the family. Plans for a relocation or renovation are initiated. By the end of July 2017 you see everything clearly. You are busy at home with creativity and spirituality, including philanthropic and humanitarian activities.

July 2017 is a month of career and networking with the right people. It is important that you do not swim against the current, but allow yourself to be carried on the cosmic waves. You'll see things go better that way. A creative project will be successful this month. July 2017 is the month of serious conversations, so pull yourself together and talk to your boss. The first week is the best time to do that. Do bottle things up, but try to work it out! In the second week of July 2017 you make big steps, especially for the Virgo who works in the field of religion or spirituality. Make a suggestion to better organize your workplace. The last week of July 2017 is suitable for a business trip or a meeting. The job-seeker Virgo, however, need to show some patience this month.

Your finances are largely dependent on developments in your career. Financially, this is not a strong month, Virgo. Patience is the keyword. Jupiter is in direct orbit since June 9 2017 in your House of Finance which means good financial prospects, but you need to remain economical and vigilant. Use this period to analyze your financial situation and make significant changes to your financial strategy. Money is spent on home and family this month, but also on clothing and luxury items.

This month is about movement. And what's more fun to do your work-out together?
Your health is good this month. Watch your diet and exercise regularly! Take the bike to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Release. This New Moon makes you return to the Source. Rest, philosophy, relaxation and retreat are the way to your inner self. Keep a diary during this period. Stay close to yourself. This period is intended for you, your healing process.


You have to be reluctant to provide information this month. Speaking is silver, silence (and listening) is gold, Virgo. Do not tell anything you will regret later. Much is happening behind the scenes and the time is not yet ripe to go public with something. Most planets are still on the top of the Virgo horoscope, but that will soon change. A shift from the outside world to the inner world. Ensure that business projects are completed in July 2017. A mid-term evaluation regarding your career goals would be wise.