Taurus July 2017


Taurus July 2017

Most planets are on the bottom of the Taurus Horoscope. The Night. During the wondrous night, recovery takes place and we dream of what lies ahead. The Night is about inner processing, family and domestic circumstances. It is a period of preparation and evaluation as regards your career, because change will come soon. From July 22, 2017 there will be an important planetary shift from independence to cooperation and consensus in order to achieve your goals.

Love and Relationships
July 2017 is a great month for love and development of new relationships.
Communication is the keyword in this dynamic month! A good conversation at the beginning of July 2017 works wonders. Only by means of open and honest conversation space is created to come together again. Keep communicating with each other. Listen to some good friendly advice this month. Your friends know you like no other and keep your best interests at heart. In the last week of July 2017 you may fall head over heals in love!

Family and Home
July 2017 is a true family month for Taurus. You have cleared the air last month and now there is time for cozy parties and togetherness with friends and relatives. The focus will also be on decorating and furnishing your home like the purchase of new furniture. The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 shows a family vacation. The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls into your fourth House of Family and Home. This New Moon wants you to built a home. The pillars beneath your stability in life. In the next two weeks there is a move or renovation or plans to move or to renovate. In the coming weeks, attention will be focused on restoring the relationship with your parents or older people that you recognize as your family.

The career for Taurus is constructive and stable for July 2017. You could use this period of slow growth to take a business-related course. This period of the astrological Night is cosmically meant as a time of preparation. You can also work on the emotional aspects and communication skills in your career.
Communication is an important link. If there is a problem, please discuss it. Listen to your friends' good advice when you are in doubt about your career. You get the insights you need to make the right decision.

July 2017 is a strong financial month with Venus in your House of Finance! Money comes from several sources this month. However, it is advisable to take financial stock in the middle of this month. There must be opportunities to save money. Do not make impulse purchases. Buy what you really need!
The most profit is achieved in the first week of July 2017 with sales promotion and the rest of the month through innovative solutions and real estate transactions. You can also count on financial support from your family. The Influence of Saturn protects you from taking unnecessary risks.

The first three weeks look very well for your health! With the Sun in Cancer you feel good, Taurus. From the last week of July 2017 you need more rest and relaxation. How about a nice holiday? Mind your diet, Taurus. Also make sure you work out regularly! Spend your time in the Gardens of Mother Nature to embrace nature and love around you. There are a lot of people who love you, so enjoy!

Regularity! This month you should try a fixed schedule. Get up early, have a healthy breakfast, move, eat healthy food and go to bed on time! With an open mind and open heart you will get the best results this month. Keep communicating in your relationship, in your family and at work to get closer to one another.