Scorpio July 2017


Scorpio July 2017

July 2017 is the month in which you have to find the balance between your career and your personal life. Career interests might conflict with responsibilities at home this month.

Love and Relationships
July 2017 is primarily marked by your social life. There are invitations to parties that you should not miss! This month there are business meetings where you can meet the love of your life, so do not stay on the sidelines. Communication continues to be an important issue this month. Talk to your friends about all your expectations and fears. Do not be reluctant and be yourself. Your friends know who you are and give you the insights you need. Friends can play a connecting role in a relationship. In the last week of July 2017 you need to discuss a problem in your relationship. At the end of the month, romance flourishes like before, but you must remember this: Love is a verb, so do not take it for granted!

Family and Home
The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 falls into your House of Communication, Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunts, Neighbors and acquaintances. In the next two weeks there is a short trip to see relatives or relatives come over to see you. There is a lot of talking over the phone this month. July is a good month to catch up on some paperwork. You prefer to do everything at once, so make a schedule in advance. Keeping a diary would be a good idea! Focus on finished business. Get rid of what you can not use and make room for what is new. This month you can count on the support of your family in your studies and career. Make time for your family.

Your Career House is heavily occupied in July 2017, so the focus is on the development of your career and social goals. The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls into your Career House. The planetary recipe for new success in your career! An important project you started a while ago sees the life of day. At least something new that will open doors. Even though you had a very hard time in business and private life, you learned from this and you can welcome a new cycle of new enthusiasm. The influence of the New Moon increases your chances in the labor market and study opportunities for students. Now that things are looking better for you, you will be faced with opposition. People are jealous of you and you do not like this. To be able to function properly, a good atmosphere at work is indispensable. Do not let yourself go and stay who you are.

July 2017 is generally a financially beneficial month, Scorpio. As of the beginning of the month you see improvement and this trend is continuing. Jupiter is the ruler of your House of Finance. Now that Jupiter is in direct orbit around the Sun again, you notice that the worst part is over. But keep in mind that Saturn in Sagittarius travels through your House of Finance until December 20, 2017. Saturn is your planetary accountant and limiter. Saturn wants you to take steps towards a better financial position. A sound financial base means financial security for the future. So stay alert and mind your budget. The direct Jupiter supports your financial intuition. And that's good, because this month you have to be extra careful. Especially in business.

Jupiter is still traveling until October 10, 2017 through your House of Cosmic Consciousness. Through the cosmic power of Jupiter, you understand where subconscious motivations and desires come from and what you can do to get stronger. Pluto is your personal planet. Pluto supports you to let go of old ballast, making your mind stronger. Jupiter and Pluto are in battle this month and that means stress. You have to let go of something from the past and you are having trouble doing so. However, you have no choice! Removing the old allows inner growth. If you don’t, you will stop yourself. It is advisable this month to work-out in order to lose stress and tension and to stay fit.

July 2017 is the month to evaluate and reorganize! Do not allow external factors to affect your decisions. Keep your eyes on the future with your goals and do not allow anything distract you.
If you know what your plan is, the better the results, Scorpio! Listen to some good advice of your friends. Be creative and trust yourself.