Pisces July 2017


Pisces July 2017

In July 2017 most planets are located at the bottom of the Pisces Horoscope. The focus is on stabilizing home! Your home base provides the safe foundation on which your later success will be built. This is the period in which you will prepare, plan, visualize and dream.

Love and Relationships
July 2017 is a loving, romantic and happy month for Pisces. Still, you have to be careful. There is someone in your area who wants to claim you. Do not let it go out of hand and say "no" if it gets too much. Sometimes it's good to say goodbye. A farewell to someone or something can also be liberating and give you the space you need to grow. The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 falls into your House of Friendships, organizations and social involvement. July 2017 marks friendships, communication, events, parties, networks and building connections. Mars travels through your House of Love until July 20, 2017. A great time to fall in love or restore the love in a fixed relationship. In a regular relationship, you will decide on a pregnancy. Pisces looking for love find her in the first half of July 2017 at a big meeting or event, later in July 2017 at the workplace or in a health-care establishment.

Family and Home
The New Moon of June 24, 2017 fell into your Home of Creativity, Love and Children. Children play a major role this month, but there is also good news about a child or family extension in the family. Due to the influence of Mars and Venus, July 2017 is a favorable period for renovating your house and garden or moving or making plans to move. A good period for real estate transactions! Favorable period for an active holiday or day out with your family or family meeting or party at home.

With most planets at the bottom of the Pisces Horoscope you are still in a preparatory period, the prelude to a busy period in your career. In this creative month, Pisces that work in the entertainment and art world are the most successful. During this period there is uncertainty about the course of your career. Job-seeker Pisces is successful at a financial institution. The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls into your Home of Work. This is a good time to implement plans to make your workplace more practical and productive, such as ergonomic applications! Also a great moment to start a new project! Teamwork is the keyword this month and in the coming months!

Mars is your planet of the money. Mars in Cancer makes you negligent with money by spending too much money or speculating. However, it is advisable to have a nest egg, because this month you can also get unexpected costs. The period until July 22, 2017 is not favorable for speculation or gambling. Family members and older people in your life can give financial problems to Pisces. So mind your budget. After July 22, 2017 there will be improvement in the financial situation, but vigilance will be maintained. This month comes money is coming in through your financial expertise in dealing with other people's interests, a tax return, inheritance, allowances and money from the partner.

July 2017 is a good month for your health, Pisces. But you have to work for it. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, self-discipline is necessary. Sign up for yoga, go swimming or cycling. It does not matter what you do, but get out of your lazy chair! Quit smoking, forget sugar and salt. Vegetarian food is very healthy and delicious! Try to eat less red meat. Do not skip meals and go to bed on time.

July 2017 is a creative and dynamic period! It is very important to involve your partner in all your projects and decisions. Cooperation is an important theme in the coming months both at work and in the relationship. Listen to that good advice, Pisces. You are doing well and you are on the right track. To stay that way, sometimes you have to give a little more and take less. You know this like no other, Pisces.