Leo July 2017


Leo July 2017

July 2017 is definitely a good month, Leo. But many remains the same. Therefore, you will be looking for the great temptation. Desiring is sometimes better than possessing.
This month will teach you this valuable lesson, Leo!

Love and Relationships
July 2017 is not really a month of love. An existing relationship will be facing challenges. This makes it advisable not to make any decision about your relationship. Don’t rush anything, especially not this month. The single Leo can not wait to share love, but love has to come from both side. You have to be patient, Leo. Love cannot be forced ! In a fixed relationship, you need a lot of patience and a little thrill to keep the fire burning. Your efforts will be rewarded at the end of July 2017!

Family and Home
July 2017 is a month that focuses on your career and social goals. Domestic problems are shifted to the background. However, emotional stability and harmony in the family are the pillars of a successful career. Also this month you have to find the balance between work and private life. Cooperation is the key to the best results. This month can be very hectic and restless for you. Avoid domestic discussions as much as possible. Talk to each other. Refurnish your home with beautiful soft colors, Beautiful music and candle light will bring peace in your safe haven!

July 2017 is a hectic but successful career month for Leo. Business-oriented training and business travel are an important part of this month. July 2017 is also a good month to find a suitable job or to find the right man or woman to fill the vacancy in your company. The first half of July 2017 looks the most beneficial for your career. Renewal is the theme this month. A new job, new experiences at work, new colleagues and customers. In a permanent job, you can break the day's trick by adding new elements to the day! Leave the car at home and ride your bike. Change your work routine or put your desk in a nice spot for the window! Take the stairs instead of the elevator! The smallest change can already make a world of difference.

The planets in July 2017 are financially beneficial for Leo! From July 26, 2017, Mercury travels through your House of Finance. The best time to take an important financial decision for an investment. A good analysis in advance gives the very best results, so do not make ill-considered investments. It is advisable to monitor your budget. Stay alert! Even when it seems more money is coming in, that does not mean it will stay that way. Mercury goes in retrograde in your House of Finance in August 2017. Make sure that your financial business is in order for that period and heighten your financial security.

This month it's important that you work out regularly! A good and balanced diet is also essential. From August 23, 2017, the Sun enters the zodiacal sign of Leo. This means that your health will improve in July 2017. Your vitality grows stronger. However, you need adequate relaxation, Leo and avoid conflicts as much as possible. Do not skip any meal! Try this month something different like another form of sport or workout.

The New Moon of June 23, 2017 falls into your House of Personality! The beginning of your personal new solar cycle. Your universal solar cycle is in its growing phase. In any case, congratulations with your new Solar Year, Leo! During this period of the year you are in the driver’s seat to give your life content the way you like. During this time, independence and bold actions will affect your life. But somehow you feel limited and things do not go as fast as you wish. Because of Saturn in retrograde everything goes slower, but there is progress and stability. Make plans and look for forms of collaboration. A mid-term evaluation would be advisable, Leo.