Cancer July 2017


Cancer July 2017

Especially at the beginning of July 2017 you feel like it's going to be a great month, Cancer! A fresh wind blows through your life. Big things are about to happen! July 2017 is a beautiful month to enjoy.

Love and Relationships
From the first weekend of July 2017 you have a good feeling about someone or a particular situation. However, do not distract yourself and focus on the result. The first half of July 2017 is the best to spend a lovely time with your loved one. This month you are highly attractive!
The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 falls into your House of Relations. The Full Moon changes the relational area. You can take a new step in your relationship such as getting married or an engagement. But it can also lead to a break-up of a business partnership or relationship. It can be the end or a start. Whatever happens, the end or start opens a new path for both parties. The first half is favorable to the one-to-one relationship and the second half of July 2017 is more focused on friends and going out.

Family and Home
Domestic issues are interwoven this month with emotional interests. There is a need to balance your private life and career. It's even so that your business success depends on your ability to handle both areas in this month.
You have to do some compromising this month and you need to be flexible between 13 and 24 July 2017. Make plenty of time for your private life and for your children. Without the love and support of your family and the safe warmth of your home, business success could be very cold, meaningless and contentless.

July 2017 is generally a challenging month for your career, Cancer. You really have to fight for your position and with others to survive in this hard world. Nobody gives it for free. You must come up with ideas this month to stay ahead of the competition and to keep your job. Invest time in the social aspect of your career and make sure your paperwork is in order. Your efforts will pay off. At the end of July 2017, there will be more relaxation and you can look back with satisfaction.

July 2017 is a most prosperous month for your finances, Cancer. There are financial opportunities from an unexpected source such as the advent of a new business partner or project, but your love partner also supports you financially. It is advisable to economize this month. Also, do not be too generous to others. You have many wishes and perhaps your eyes are bigger than your wallet! With every temptation, just ask yourself: Do others pay my rent? Do I really need this or do I think I need it? The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls in your House of Finance. Until the beginning of August 2017 there are financial issues that require your attention such as financing a new project, house, car or renovation or discussing how to invest money for now and the future.

July 2017 is a month in which you are being challenged. Much is expected from you. Oh no, stress! Too much stress can cause physical problems such as painful muscles, indigestion and a rash. You need adequate relaxation. Go with the flow of life. You need exercising and rest. Go to bed on time and turn off the TV. You must do your best to keep up the pace. You can not make everybody happy, so away with that guilt. Choose for yourself. Learn to say no. "No" is your magic word. Say yes to life! You're only human!

Be careful about making an investment. A well thought-out investment pays off with this New Moon, but an unwise financial decision can lead to annoying consequences. Appreciate what you have. You are richer than you may think!