Aquarius July 2017


Aquarius July 2017

During this period of the year, you need others' cooperation to meet your goals, Aquarius. Also in July 2017 you will find that you do not come far with personal actions.

Love and Relationships
July 2017 is a romantic, but especially a social month. Your social life is flourishing this month! There are parties and meetings where you make new contacts. The influence of Saturn in Sagittarius separates the wheat from the chaff! In a regular relationship there may be troubles that are related to devotion. Keep talking with each other! At the end of the month there is a trip to visit from family members or friends, or you can visit friends or family that you have not seen for a long time. The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls into your House of Relationships. From this moment on someone may get along who will play a big part in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship. For instance an engagement or marriage or business partnership or other form of cooperation to get a project off the ground. It's also a period to visualize how to give shape to the relationship or business partnership.

Family and Home
At the beginning of July 2017, a cozy gathering is planned with the family or with friends. A joint holiday or dinner. This month your family and friends can rely on your warm support. You find that you cannot get things done on your own and that you need others, so what do you do? Then you want arrange things for others. You notice, however, that others don't appreciate your intentions. Then take a step back and give the other space. Do not make a small problem bigger than it really is.

The New Moon of June 24, 2017 fell into your House of Work. You have started a new project or have made changes to make your workplace or work more practical and productive. The red warrior Mars travels through your House of Work until July 20, 2017. A productive and creative period at work and in your own company. There is also more chance of a suitable job during this period. But given the fiery nature of Mars, there are also challenges in your career, but you know how to handle these in a charming way. At work you need the cooperation of others to achieve your goals. The first half of July 2017 goes further quietly. Listen in the second half of July 2017 to what others want to say at work. Pluto is your planet of career. Pluto in retrograde will show little professional and business development this month. You must have patience. Do not worry too much, because soon things will change for you.

There are planetary developments which will cause delays in financial transactions. Neptune is your financial planet. Neptune went in retrograde last month and remains in retrograde until the end of November 2017. Don’t force anything, so do not make big investments and adopt a “wait and see” attitude. Important investment decisions must be taken in cold storage for the time being. In the coming months, it is advisable to review or to improve financial plans.

The New Moon of June 24, 2017 fell into your House of Health. You have decided to follow a diet to lose weight or start exercising at the gym. The Moon is a symbol of your health and day-to-day stuff. Each time the Moon is in its Growing phase, you have more energy to go for it. New and Full Moons are always good energetic and vital days for you and for your sense of well-being. The Moon is in her Growing phase until July 9, 2017 and again from the New Moon from July 23, 2017. This month you need more rest and relaxation. Make sure you get enough sleep. Do not skip meals either. Hold on, Aquarius.

This month, Aquarius is troubled by unfavorable aspects from Saturn and the red warrior Mars. This causes stress. Therefore, seek regular relaxation by exercising to make an angry mood go away. The Full Moon of July 9, 2017 falls into your House of Spirituality, Detachment and Release. This Full Moon lets you break with inner barriers and makes it possible to heal old pain. The perfect moment to start a therapy to let go of old pain and create space in your life.