Scorpio January 2017


Scorpio January 2017

The Winter Equinox of December 21, 2016 is the time when the Sun has come home to rest. The Sun is also connected to your career, Scorpio. So this means a timeout regarding your career and the outside world. However, your personal solar cycle is growing. You feel that change is coming. Even though it is Winter, Spring will be coming soon. This is generally a good time to start something new.

Love and Relationships
Venus rules your House of Relationships. Venus enters the waters of Pisces from January 4, 2017. That means up to February 3, 2017, a loving but also sensitive period. You are sensitive, but also your partner, spouse or loved one is also more sensitive than usual. Be careful with what you say and most importantly how you say something. So is your touch and body language. Non-verbal communication is just as important. Everything, absolutely everything will be noted. This also applies to your colleagues, employees and business partners. In the first days of January 2017, family play the role of Cupid with Venus in Aquarius! Scorpio in a committed relationship decide to stay at home cozy by the fireplace. From January 4 2017, Venus travels through Pisces and your House of Love and Romance. The rest of the month is dedicated to going out and having fun. January 2017 is a great month to fall in love! From 12 to January 15, 2017, Venus will be traveling close to Neptune in Pisces. This puts you in a romantic mood, but beware. Sometimes things seems more appealing than they really are.

Family and Home
As of December 22 2016, the time of the Winter Equinox, the Sun entered your House of Communication, Transport, short trips, siblings, neighbors and your immediate environment. The New Moon of December 29, 2016 fell into the same House of Communication, transportation, short trips, siblings, neighbors and your immediate environment. January 2017 is thus marked by short trips and frequent contact back-and-forth. There are circumstances where your presence is needed by siblings and relatives. The Full Moon of January 12, 2017 indicates a trip or home study. As of January 20, 2017 you also need the support of your family. Your focus will be on your own family and home. Without the emotional support at home it is difficult to enjoy success in your career. The New Moon of January 28, 2017 falls in your House of Family and Home. This New Moon is the cosmic gate for a relocation, remodeling, new layout of your home, other furniture or repairs in your house. It is also possible that you help someone in the coming weeks to move.

With so many planets in of the House of Communication, January 2017 will be marked by acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. January 2017 is most successful for the Scorpio in the world of the written word, journalism or publishing. Great month to publish a book, or something on the Internet, in a newspaper or magazine. For Scorpio studying or teachers, this is a successful month. The Full Moon of January 12, 2017 falls in your House of Travel and Higher Study and indicates good results in study or a beautiful journey. At the end of the month things little calm down in your career. The New Moon of January 28, 2017 indicates that the home front requires your attention. And this short break is good for you, because you're still in a cosmic time-out to prepare for the spring of 2017.

Jupiter is your planet of the Money. Because by the influence of Jupiter in your House of Cosmic Consciousness you’ll be making plans for long term to improve your financial position for the future. The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 fell into your House of Shared Finances, money from the partner, insurance, taxes and loans. As a result, money has been made available or will become available. Yo will be able to pay off debt (s) and is space to restructure your spending, tax advice and financial negotiations. A financial contract or financial co-operation is also possible. In the first half of January 2017 you should be careful with your spending, but from January 20, 2017 there will be improvement in your financial situation. Your financial intuition is and remains important. Trust your feeling and don't be deluded by people or situations.

Your overall health is good this month. This month the focus is on your emotional health, Scorpio. The New Moon of January 28, 2017 shows that solving problems on the home front is essential for your emotional well-being. Be kind to yourself, Scorpio. During this cosmic hibernation, you need plenty of rest. During the Hibernation you lay a new foundation to come out in the Spring of 2017. Spiritual therapies such as meditation, laying on of hands, reiki and hypnotherapy are beneficial to reach your soul and letting go of old pain. As of January 20, 2017, you don’t feel so good about yourself. To make yourself feel better, a foot massage is recommended. Pamper yourself in the beauty parlor with a nice facial, back or shoulder massage.

Almost all the planets are located below the Scorpio-horoscope. Your career is now on the back burner. This is the period of cosmic Hibernation. The time to recuperate and recharging your batteries. Building a new foundation for the next career cycle, starting from Spring 2017. Mother Nature is preparing for a new phase of growth and flowering. All living things have a rhythm, so do you. Let yourself be carried away in this rhythm, Scorpio.