Pisces January 2017


Pisces January 2017

January 2017 is a month with most of the planets at the top of the Pisces horoscope. This is the time of year that you are focusing on the career and your worldly goals. Your planet Mercury is in retrograde in the House of Career until January 7, 2017. From January 8, 2017 you are entering a period of social success. Until January 28, 2017, Mars is traveling through Pisces. A better start of the year you can not wish for.

Love and Relationships
The influence of Mars in Pisces focuses on your individual needs and desires. You will be more assertive, flirtatious and passionate. This effect lasts until the end of January 2017! On New Year’s Day, Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces! A great start to the new year! Yet, January 2017 is not really a good month for love. The influence of Mars in Pisces makes you assertive in the relationship, jealous and competitive. It seems that you and your partner are diametrically opposed in many ways. The cosmic purpose of this influence is to be not afraid. When true love reigns, there is no fear. If fear arises, there is something wrong in your relationship. Mars in Pisces brings lust, greed or possessiveness which translates into “love." So this is a challenge.
The House of Relationships is empty this month, only the Moon visits this area on 15 and January 16, 2017. Mercury is your planet of Relationships. Mercury is in retrograde until 7 January 2017. From the second week of 2017, you don’t want to adapt or to compromise.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 was the cosmic gate to a change in your living situation, a removal or remodeling. It is also possible that you are busy with remodeling or you make plans to do so. On December 29, 2016, the New Moon fell in your House of Friendships, Groups and Organizations. Until mid-January 2017, this is a time to enjoy with family and friends or to establish new connections. Your career needs your full attention during this period so there is less time for family and private life. It is a social period of personal power and independence. You go for yourself and you do not need approval from anyone, not even your family. You communicate in a clear and direct way. You tell it like it is.

Mercury is in retrograde until January 4, 2017 in your House of Career. (This period began December 19, 2016). You start the year with finishing existing projects and reviewing long-term plans. Venus travels from January 4, 2017 through Pisces. Venus in Pisces is a great transit for your career! Venus makes you irresistibly attractive which is great when you are going to apply or to preside a meeting! Venus in Pisces increases your attractiveness. Venus makes you beautiful, stylish and charming. Use this female energy to your advantage. Venus in Pisces is also a good position to do business and personal initiatives. Mars also travels through your sign of Pisces. Mars is ahead of Venus, so they won’t form a conjunction. But the strength is really there! Through the influence of Venus and Mars things in your career go much easier.

Mars is your planet of Finance. Until January 28, 2017, Mars travels through your own sign, Pisces! The journey of Mars in Pisces brings pleasant financial opportunities! During this period, the money flows naturally to you. You do not have to do much. This month there won’t be opposition in achieving financial goals. The other side of Mars in Pisces is that you are willing to spend more money and make risky investments. You buy nice things for yourself, because you feel that you are doing well. You want to show your good fortune to the outside world. During this period, your magnetic attraction is extra strong. Mars in Pisces enhances your financial intuition and that is a big advantage this month. So take advantage of this, Pisces.
From January 29, 2017 until early March 2017, Mars will reinforce Uranus in Aries! With the support of this planetary duo in Aries, financial opportunities will come your way. Favorable financial period for budget management and making wise financial choices.

Your health is excellent this month. However, in the second half of the month, you can suffer from your bones, spine, knees, ankles, teeth and skin. You are suffering from the cold and there is only one solution: to the sauna to warm up! Exercising is also a good idea, but do not exaggerate. Take it easy, Pisces.

The presence of Mars in your own sign Pisces brings you prosperity and energy. But there is a downside. Mars in Pisces makes you impatient and hasty. You want it all and you want it now! More haste less speed. Mars in Pisces increases the danger of injury in case of an accident. Mars in Pisces can also be combative. People don’t recognize you or have trouble with your attitude. An angry or fierce remark can provoke an overreaction. So keep this in mind and count to ten first when you feel uneasy, impatient or angry.