Aries January 2017


Aries January 2017

In the first three weeks of 2017, the Sun in Capricorn will be traveling through your House of Career. January 2017 is the preferred month to push forward with full commitment. This month has a lot of potential. January 2017 is a social month to be together with friends, but also to establish beneficial professional contacts.

Love and Relationships
The great benefactor Jupiter is in your House of Relationships until early October 2017. This is a pleasant and warm period of togetherness and cooperation. You will receive invitations for meetings at work or parties with friends and acquaintances. During these meetings and parties you’ll meet new people that will enrich your life. The bachelor Aries is looking for a partner who is strong and independent. In love and personal relationships, Venus in Pisces is a time of intrigue and emotional issues that you'd rather hide. Your relationship could be hectic and demanding. A problem in love or marriage could demand your attention from the second week of January 2017. In a relationship, a power struggle can occur. Even though this is not pleasant, it's certainly a learning experience. The second half of January 2017 looks much better. A great time for your social life and love life. A nice holiday is all you need to unwind. The New Moon of January 28, 2017 falls in your House of Friendships. That means that the theme for the next month is fun and togetherness, cooperation and togetherness.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of January 12, 2017 falls into your House of Family and Home.
From January 4, 2017, Venus in Pisces reflects a period of emotional and personal issues which can be hectic and demanding. These are things that you'd rather hide from the outside world. Venus has joined your planet Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This means a power struggle at home in the second week of January 2017. The second half of January 2017 looks much better. It is advisable to make time for your personal life in order to solve a difficult emotional situation at home. During this month you realize again how important it is to have a stable home. Leave the past and enjoy the present.

The first three days of January 2017 will be dominated by New Year's parties because of Venus in Aquarius. The period from January 4, 2017 is a good period for negotiations that have to do with your work. Considering a career switch? If you are considering another career, then in January 2017 is the best month to do so.
January 2017 is a social month of traveling a lot and meeting many people. A New Year's reception or official reception, party or anniversary you get the opportunity to make new professional contacts and the right people that are very favorable with a view to the future. January 2017 is a pleasant month for doing business and professional matters, especially around January 15, 2017 are the best opportunities. Happiness is yours for the taking, Aries. Light yellow or green candles or dress yourself in yellow and green for extra good luck.

January 2017 is not really a successful financial month. This has mainly to do with your spending. You tend to spend more money this month on entertainment, friendship and home. It is advisable to set priorities in this period and to make a long-term planning. Real estate and investments show good results. You’ll be given every cooperation in entering into a loan. You will get long-awaited good financial news. From the third week of January 2017 it becomes clear whether a new creative hobby is lucrative or not. An existing financial conflict involving friends will be resolved in your favor.

Your planet Mars travels to January 28, 2017 through your House of Cosmic Consciousness. This month the focus is on unconscious problems and letting go of entrenched patterns. There is still a lot to get rid off, Aries. Neptune in Pisces with Mars in Pisces urge you to work on this. Instead of working against yourself you have to work with yourself! The best way to do this is by making connection to your inner self. Sufficient exercise and a proper diet are of utmost importance. Make time for yourself, because you are suffering from stress.

Please keep in account your expenses this month. In the fourth week of January 2017, there is an unexpected expense, so keep that in mind this month. January 2017 is a month of bated breath, as if you are standing in the starting blocks. And that has to do with your planet Mars. Mars will be traveling through Aries from January 29, 2017, Aries. Mars is returning home from a two year voyage around the zodiac. Mars has to get its house in order! This means a hectic period for you. Just like Mars, you have to get your own house in order, in many areas of your life.