Scorpio February 2017


Scorpio February 2017

As many as two Eclipses this month. Even though it feels like walking in a storm in your life, you manage to stand tall and survive all trials ans tribulations. The western sector of Scorpio horoscope is becoming increasingly important. The previous months were focused on achieving goals on your own terms. In the coming months you are going to see the results. You learn from and through your own experiences. The coming months will be marked by cooperation and your social skills to achieve your goals.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Relationships. Venus travels from February 4, 2017 to June 6, 2017 through your House of Work and Health. (Venus turns retrograde). This means that during this period, a love relationship at work could develop, also in a health institution such as a romance with a doctor, nurse or social worker. But this romance is short-lived and is no bed of roses. One of you is not free. There are thus three parties involved. The probability is high that hearts will be broken. So think twice before you act. Venus in Aries makes it easier to communicate. In the first week of the month, you'll need a good conversation with your loved one. It is all about exchanging of ideas and sharing spiritual intimacy. From the second week it’s all about emotional support and intimacy, sharing feelings. At the end of the month, you want to have a good time together.

Family and Home
Just like last month, most of the planets are below the horizon of the Scorpio horoscope. The focus is on your family, private life and home.
The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 11, 2017 will affect the course of your career or your own company, but also affects the opposite fourth House, your private life, family and home. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of February 28 2017 falls in your fifth House of Children and Creativity. Children are going through major changes. Children wake up and try their wings in this world. You see children growing up and flourish. Children reach puberty and have other interests. On the threshold to adulthood, there are profound events. It is recommended to give children protection, guidance and love as much as possible especially in the coming months.

In the general horoscope of Scorpio, the House of Career will be empty in the coming months, except the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 11 February 2017. This cosmic event is meant for finding your emotional peace and building a solid home. This is a prelude to a career-oriented period in the second half of 2017. It does not mean that you're not busy month at work.
The Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017 in your House of Career indicates profound changes in the career. A reorganization or changes in the company, government regulation or management change. It is also possible that you change course in the next six months. The Moon rules over your House of Abroad, Faith and Higher Study. It is advisable not to travel during the Lunar Eclipse. Students are faced with changes in the study such as another study, another university or high school. From February 6, 2017, the job-seeker Scorpio gets opportunities through networking or a friend of a friend, family, neighbors and acquaintances.
The Sun rules over your House of Career. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017 thus influences the course of your career or your own business. You can actually see the Solar Eclipse as a repeat of the Lunar Eclipse on 11 February 2017. However, due to the strong influence of Neptune in Pisces there are scandals or unpleasant revelations at work, in your business or industry.

February 2017 is a good month to start a new project or a business partnership. The best time to do that is in the first week of February 2017, because then the Moon is in her Waxing phase. From February 6, 2017 Jupiter goes retrograde. Jupiter is your financial planet, so until the beginning of June 2017 you should consider a financial slowdown. Jupiter is "hidden" in your 12th House of Cosmic Consciousness, so you have to learn more patience until the beginning of October 2017. So many plans, but the implementation is a long time coming. It all does not go as smoothly as you wish. Be more cautious about making major purchases or speculate on long term financial commitments. Wait until Jupiter goes direct from June 9, 2017. Due to the influence of Jupiter in your House of Cosmic Consciousness you can count on your financial intuition. In general, financial opportunities come from the family business, family or your own house.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017 also affects your health. Take it easy. The same applies for the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017. Under the influence of Neptune dreams during this Eclipse can be lucid. Overall it is your health good, but you need more rest than usual. Forget about alcohol and coffee as much as possible. Drink plenty of water, have a regular massage and take a nice walk along the beach. Don't’ forget your dentist appointment!

Pluto is your personal planet, Scorpio. In the first half of the month, Pluto gets planetary opposition, and also at the end of the month. You should take it easy. You have to deal with emotional problems at home and that is stressful. You need rest and relaxation. In the second half of February 2017 things seem to get better. But keep in mind that the two Eclipses bring you out of balance this month. Just take one step at the time, Scorpio.