Capricorn February 2017


Capricorn February 2017

Through the influence of the two Eclipses this month, the focus is on your partner. A month of developments in the financial field, at work and in the study. This is intended as a preparation for a busy period later this year.

Love and Relationships
The Moon rules over your House of Relationships. Every time when the Moon is in her Waxing Phase (and especially when visiting your House of Relationships), you notice new developments in your relationship! The Lunar Cycle has a big impact on your love life, Capricorn. During this period, you are more attractive, enthusiastic and less inhibited in the relationship. With decreasing Moon, you are more focused on yourself and more shy. The Moon is in her Waxing Phase 1 to February 10, 2017 and to and from 28 February 2017. The Waxing Moon visits on 7 and February 8, 2017 Your House of Relationships!
The Lunar Eclipse in Leo falls on February 11, 2017 in your House of the Soul and Transformation. Every Lunar Eclipse puts your relationship(s) to the test. However, this Eclipse has more influence on your partner than you, even though you both are as one. Old unresolved issues return to be addressed. Even if you are in a storm, remember a good relationship survives the severest storm.

Family and Home
Mars is the planet of your Home and Family. Mars in Aries travels from January 29, 2017 to March 10, 2017 through your Home and Family and Home! Probably you are busy with renovations, a relocation or you are busy with the decoration of your home. A busy time at home indeed. People are coming and going and plans are being made to do something fun with the family or with relatives. It is possible that one of the parents needs your support. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces from February 26, 2017 falls in your third House of Communication. This means that your mobile phone, car or other means of transport needs to be repaired or replaced. In the neighborhood where you live, there are road blocks or construction work. Siblings are faced with profound changes in their personal lives. This Solar Eclipse will change the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family. You get an urge to learn something new or delve into a topic close to your heart.

The planetary forces are on the bottom half of the Capricorn horoscope. This is the time of Night, a time of cosmic Hibernation. This period lasts until the end of June 2017. A period of rest and recovery. Most planets are still in the first quadrant of the Capricorn horoscope, the quadrant of personal power and independence. You do things by yourself, in your own way. During this period you can create easier conditions for yourself and you do not depend on the input of others. During this period, the Night, you prepare yourself for the next cycle of career success. You're building the foundation or you strengthen the foundation of your career. A stable private life is the solid foundation for future growth in the career. With Mars in your House of Family and House you focus on home and family! Jupiter is retrograde in your House of Career. Another indication that this is the time of preparation, visualizing and setting career goals for later this year. Thanks to Mercury, the Capricorn in the marketing, sales and media world the most successful this month. .

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 11, 2017 falls in your eighth House of Shared Finance. The financial situation of your spouse, lover or business partner will see major changes in the next six months. There may be a death and you come into contact with the dark side of the other, and with your own.
Uranus is the planet of your Money. This month, Uranus in Aries is opposing Jupiter in Libra. That means you can make a lot of money, but it won’t be an easy ride. This is especially true from 19 February 2017. Everything comes with a price. Nothing is for free. The Sun will stay until February 18, 2017 in your House of Finance, giving a boost to your finances. This period is excellent to make a large investment, to pay off debts or for financial planning. During this period you get financial support from your marriage or partner, savings, rebates and allowances from insurance. The position of Mars in your House of Family and House shows that parents or older relatives support you financially this month. Mercury stays from 8 to February 25, 2017 in your House of Finance. During this period there will be money from health care, but also money will be spent on health. Good period for marketing and negotiation, paying off debts, budget plan and attracting external investors.

February 2017 is a good month for your health. Mercury is your planet of Health and this makes this month beneficial aspects. Mercury visits this month as many as three zodiac signs. Your sign of Capricorn, Aquarius and by the end of the month, Pisces. You'll be active and you're almost unstoppable in your energy. It is important that you pay attention to your legs, knees, ankles and feet. This month shows once again the importance of emotional well-being in your life. The degree of peace, love and harmony is the key to your physical well-being and health. And to stay healthy.
No money or status can buy good health.

Just like last month, Capricorn is in the period of the Night. Night is the time of restoration and building of new forces. Your personal power is still very strong, so the world is adjusting to you. This will soon change, and you'll find you will depend on others for many things. Just like last month, the focus is still on your own initiative and free will, but soon this will change.