Cancer February 2017


Cancer February 2017

As many as two eclipses affect your career and finances. Not really a month for love, because you're too busy with other things such as finances and career.

Love and Relationships
In February 2017 your love life will not really enter calmer waters. You're worried about your partner who works so hard and seems to have no time for you. But you must admit now that your career takes a lot of time from you as well. It seems that love is intertwined with your career. A love can arise at work or you notice that your boss is interested in you. You like to get attention and the outside world gives you that stage.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse in Pisces from February 26, 2017 is in your House of Travel and Study. This is the energetic gateway to a vacation, higher education or a new philosophy of life in the following six months. The Sun is also about your finances, so there's money involved. This Solar Eclipse builds on the previous Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2017. A decision that was postponed is now is going to happen. Cancer students will see major changes in their study, so educational plans need to be adjusted. In your family are also changes. Your spouse, business partner, lover, parents or elder family members have to deal with problems with friends, with money or with changes in the career.

In the coming period, the House of Career will be represented by many planets. Mars is the planet of your Career. On January 29, 2017, Mars entered your House of Career and remains there until March 10, 2017. Because of the influence of Mars you are very busy and very ambitious. You have to work hard and maybe you work longer than you usually do to reach your goals. Uranus in Aries is already since 2011 in your House of Career and remains there until March 2019. Until then, major changes take place in your career. Venus will accompany Mars from February 4, 2017 in your House of Career. The Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 indicates that earlier plans of September 1, 2016 will be set in place. (last Solar Eclipse in Virgo). Your career planet, Mars, won’t turn retrograde this year, so things in your career are moving forward.

Two Eclipses this month and both affect your finances. Eclipses bring the wheels in motion and significant changes will be made. The Moon is associated with Cancer. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 11, 2017 falls in your House of Finance. This cosmic gateway shows that financial changes make it necessary to engage another financial policy. Other countries will have a major impact on your finances. On February 9, 10 and 11, 2017, the nearly Full Moon in your House of Finance, highlighted by the Lunar Eclipse on February 11th 2017. These are great days to achieve financial goals. In the first three weeks of February 2017, there is financial support from your spouse or business partner. From February 19, 2017, when the Sun reaches the dreamy waters of Pisces, things are heading in the right direction.
However, no speculating or gambling after February 26, 2017. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017, is the energetic gateway to a trip abroad or a higher study. The Sun is associated with Leo. Leo is the ruler of your House of Finance. So there is money involved. Decisions taken during the previous Eclipse of September 1, 2016 will be put in motion.

Your health improves in the course of February 2017. Cancer is associated with the Moon. When the Moon is in her Crescent phase, you feel much better. You have more self confidence, self esteem and energy. From February 6, 2017 Jupiter goes retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of your health. Jupiter will be retrograde until June 8, 2017. During that period, you need more rest and relaxation. Especially in this busy period, you should really take time for yourself. From the second half of February 2017 your health improves, but again, don’t cross your limits. Jupiter will stop you when you cross your limits.

Every Lunar Eclipse brings changes in your self-image. This Lunar Eclipse shows a growth in your Being. You are constantly changing as a person, in your mind, in your appearance and in the way the world sees you. In the next six months, big changes are being made because of the Lunar Eclipse. Due to circumstances at home you will think differently about life, new ideas, new insights. Your desire to go abroad and to develop yourself through study and experience is immense. Don’t ignore these desires, but follow your dream. The Moon is in her Waxing phase from 1 to 10 February 10, 2017 and again from February 28, 2017. This is the best time to prioritize and to start with new projects. From February 13 to February 24, 2017 is the time to finish things and tie loose ends that won’t require too much of your energy.