Sagittarius December 2017


Sagittarius December 2017

The planetary forces are located on the left or eastern side of the Sagittarius horoscope during this period of the year. This marks the culmination of personal independence and personal strength. Your personal goals get positive cosmic support!
The New Moon of December 18, 2017 is in your own sign, Sagittarius!
With this New Moon you are in the center of attention this month.
Spirituality and faith are most important because of the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio.
Mercury in retrograde this month makes you think differently about spirituality or there is a need to withdraw yourself in silence, for example in retreat.

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of relationships. This month Mercury is in retrograde in Sagittarius.
You feel dejected and get a stuffy feeling as if you are being thwarted or stopped. However, this is meant as a cosmic time-out to evaluate and to make up for lost time to put things right. Nobody is the same and everyone lives at her or his pace. Everyone needs space now and then to be able to grow and to experience things.
The Full Moon of December 3, 2017 falls in the House of Relationships. The Full Moon creates changes in the relational area. The breaking of a business partnership or relationship. But you can also take a serious step in the relationship. So it can be an end or a beginning. Whatever happens, the end or beginning is a new direction for both parties. The theme of conceitedness also lives in your social and business network. New commitments are being made for the long term. In the second half of December 2017, most problems will be solved and there will be love all around you. The single Sagittarius is also in the spotlight this month. Do not be shy, Sagittarius, but set your sights on love.

Family and Home
The planetary forces on the eastern sector of the Sagittarius horoscope show that this period is about personal independence and personal power. Your personal goals get cosmic support! You need freedom to do things your way and on your own terms. You do not want to ask for help and you do not feel the need to adapt yourself to situations or family. Starting this month there will be more time for your family to strengthen the mutual bond, but also creating new conditions in a direct and independent way. Your leadership and attitude is the strong shoulder that your family needs right now.

Mercury is your planet of Career and Destiny. Mercury is in retrograde from 3 to 22 December 2017. Especially the beginning of December 2017 is marked by opposition and delays. Your patience is being put to the test. No one seems to know how something should be done or what agreements have been made. Mercury in retrograde is a cosmic time-out period of reflection and revising. Take the time to review and improve everything, this will ultimately benefit productivity. You've had a busy year and you can take it a little more easy. Make use of the second half of December 2017 to think carefully about your goals for 2018. At the end of December 2017 a pleasant surprise awaits at work.

December 2017 is a financially favorable month for Sagittarius. You have the confidence and strength to reach your financial goals and overcome obstacles.
Your smart approach and emotional strength are paying off. Your social network will support you financially or you will receive the right information to make an important decision. The income of Sagittarius is generated by foreign projects or with the help of foreigners.
Saturn is your planet of finances. From the moment of the Winter Equinox, the moment that the Sun enters your House of Finance on December 22, 2017, marks the beginning of a favorable financial period for the Sagittarius.

The influence of the New Moon of November 18, 2017 in the House of Cosmic Consciousness made you return to the Source. The energy of the New Moon brought you rest, relaxation or a retreat. A good night sleep to recover yourself. Finding a balance between work and rest.
With the New Moon of December 18, 2017 you are in the center of attention this month. December 2017 is about your personal wishes and needs. It is all about you and your self-esteem. It is therefore about you as a person and your appearance. The New Moon in a good starting point for a personal make-over!
At the beginning of the month you are completely in your element and you can not be stopped. In the second week of December 2017 you really have to listen to your body. When you are tired, welcome this feeling and close your eyes for a moment. The second half of December 2017 is simply amazing, a period of vitality and passion. Make the good intention to start 2018 just as well you ended 2017!

I wish you all a happy new solar year, Sagittarius!
Because of the influence of Saturn in your own sign this year, you have had to deal with karmic lessons, Sagittarius. It was your process of maturation and broadening of life philosophy, the karmic process that started at the end of 2014. For the Sagittarius, 2017 was generally a complicated year with a strong emphasis on work and career. When Saturn enters the Capricorn as of December 21, 2017, important lessons have been learned and changes have been made in your life. When you have done that, things automatically go in the right direction. December 2017 is an exciting month in which you have to make choices to experience all these things.
Take the time to enjoy every moment, Sagittarius!