Pisces December 2017


Pisces December 2017

Most planets are at the top of the Pisces horoscope in this period, the northern sector.
The outside world.
The planetary shift from the East to the West is becoming clearer this month.
In the coming six months, personal strength and independence will become increasingly important. You can determine your own course in December 2017.
Jupiter in Scorpio is favorable towards Pisces which means a year long chance of growth opportunities. The natal chart shows where this growth takes place.

Love and Relationships
The single Pisces feels this month attracted to a partner that can contribute to professional growth. Love can be found this month in the work environment, at meetings, your social network, seminars, exhibitions, parties with colleagues and influential people.
At the beginning of the month, friends need your good advice in case of love problems or friends give you the advice you need. December 2017 is all about love. Do not stay home, but go out. Mars travels through your House of Intimacy until December 9, 2017. The influence of Mars stimulates in overcoming inhibitions in the intimate relationship with your partner. So do not be afraid. Dare to show who you are and what you feel. Mercury in retrograde in the fiery Sagittarius brings remarkable developments and revelations about relationships this month. These developments will confuse you. With the Sun in Capricorn, the last week of December 2017 will be a true celebration for love and your social life.
From December 21, 2017 until March 2020, Saturn travels through your House of Friendships and Social Involvement. During these years you will get to know yourself by others. Do you trust your own wisdom or the opinion of the other? During these years you will notice that friends disappear from your life through relocation, separation or otherwise. In any case, Saturn is going to learn the Pisces to trust themselves. There will be other people in your life who will accompany you on this journey.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of December 3, 2017 falls into your House of Family and House. In the next two weeks there will be changes related to your home and family. A move, renovation, new interior. In any case, a number of changes at home. People flying in and out of your home. A period of fun and the excitement to organize a party and meeting new people. So the Full Moon brings change on the home front, so be prepared for a new adventure! You need more personal space. In this period it is all about you. Your personal development. Your career. You are able to balance the spiritual and materialistic reasonably well.
It is possible that you are going to make a trip or look for other accommodation. Whatever you choose, you do it to (re) find yourself. December 2017 is the perfect month to strengthen contact with your family and friends. Make it cozy and invite your family and friends to thank them for their support in the past year.

The Sun in your House of Career increases your chances on the labor market in the first three weeks of December 2017 and shows favorable study opportunities. Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius shows that it is necessary to visualize and revise career plans and long-term plans this month. The New Moon of December 18, 2017 falls into your House of Career and Destination. The planetary recipe for success in your career! The business prospects are favorable for the Pisces.
A great chance of promotion or new job, a new agreement, new negotiations, a new customer or more assignments. An important project that you started a while ago will see the light of day.
New developments in your career can be intense and the performance pressure can be high. You can hardly keep up with the pace. However, take the time to observe your surroundings and listen carefully. The impression you make on others and what is said about you largely reflects your personal and social status. Take measures to smooth your image. Take the time to answer for yourself the following question: What does success mean to me?

Financially in December 2017 a whimsical month.
December 2017 is a month of financial obligations and the straightening of previously made financial choices. Money does not grow on the trees, but you are able to make the right financial decisions now. Your financial planet is Mars. Mars will stay in your House of Shared Finance until December 9, 2017. Your spouse, loved one or business partner is of great importance to the amount of your income. Money comes this month through the permanent job, raise, benefit, reward and help from family members. From the Winter Solstice, friends and social contacts will be financially helpful to you. Invest when you really can and not because it could.

December 2017 is a favorable month for your health. Especially after the Winter Equinox with the Sun in Capricorn, you have no complaints. The Sun symbolizes your health. The Sun in the earthy Capricorn is then wholeheartedly supported by the beneficent Jupiter in Scorpio. In the first three weeks of December 2017 you have to be careful of stress and overload. Your career requires a lot of energy this month. Take it easy, Pisces. For whom do you have to prove yourself? Delegate tasks where possible. Do not eat too much fat and drink a lot of water. Also watch your body posture. Ensure adequate sleep and relaxation. And how about a well-deserved vacation, Pisces?

December 2017 is all about career and social contacts. You are so busy with everything and everyone, that you almost forget yourself and beloved this month.
Your selfless commitment, humanitarian activities and social services can be in your favor for the growth of your career. Career growth can be increased to improve your knowledge base through training, travel and targeted study. In the second half of December 2017 you will get an insight that will help you to solve a problem. Your career is making big leaps, but it also shows many challenges. Changes at work are favorable in December 2017, but take their toll. Take distance in time, Pisces. Do not get ahead of yourself. There is only one you.