Libra December 2017


Libra December 2017

Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope during this period of the year. This means that the Libra is in a cycle of recovery and preparation. You are going to build up here, because in the not too distant future your career will demand your full attention. The focus is currently on your family, private life and emotional well-being.
December 2017 shows that you have to find the right balance between work and private life.

Love and Relationships
The partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 7 August 2017 in your House of Love has led to a great need for freedom, appreciation and respect. In the past months problems in the relationship have been resolved and the relationship has been strengthened. A desire for connection at a soul level and a deeper emotional connection in the fixed relationship.
The festive month of December 2017 shows many possibilities to embrace love. Love awaits you at work or care facility. A budding romance is really confronted with opposition from the immediate vicinity. Have patience, Libra. Do not force anything. The steady relationship may have to do with some turbulence, but the influence of Mars will bring the solution in the second half of December 2017 so that the year will end in a romantic way.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of December 3, 2017 shows that you are going to make a beautiful spiritual journey with your family or family. This journey can be the reason to revise beliefs about religion and philosophy. You can also decide to take a higher study. December 2017 is a good month to visit a museum together with your family or buy something nice for the house. At the beginning of December 2017, Mercury in retrograde could cause problems. Things do not work the way they are supposed to. At the end of December 2017 everything will have a smoother course. The New Moon of December 18, 2017 falls in your House of Communication and close relatives as brothers and sisters and neighbors. The second half of December 2017 will be dominated by talking about unpleasant issues from the past. Family is very important to you this month. In the next two weeks there will be more communication via e-mails, messages and phone calls. Your computer, cell phone, car or other means of transport can be repaired or replaced.

The influence of Jupiter in Scorpio shows opportunities for promotion, profit and social success for the Libra. The taste of success is sweet, but do not run too fast. Libra is in a cycle of recovery, construction and preparation of a period in which the career will demand full attention. The focus is currently on private life and emotional well-being. The foundation for your success!
The best chance of a job is in the second half of December 2017, especially from 24 December 2017 you come in a favorable flow. Be selective, because the job has to suit you as well!
The end of the year is dominated by finishing current projects. December 2017 is the month of letting go, so take the time to enjoy! Due to the influence of Mercury in retrograde, meetings and appointments are canceled. Go with the flow. You worked hard this year. This is the cosmic period to take it a little easy. The work will come later. Now it's time to enjoy and look back with a smile on a successful year.

Jupiter will travel through your House of Finance from 11 October 2017. A year of great financial possibilities has arrived. From 10 December 2017, Mars in Scorpio strengthens the beneficial influence of Jupiter in the House of Finance. You can not lean back, however. This favorable financial influence of Mars in the House of Finance lasts until the end of January 2018. So that means you can close the year 2017 with profit and you can look forward to a stable financial start for the new year 2018! There can be a conflict this month in the permanent relationship that has to do with finances. Be creative in coming up with new ways to make money. The planets provide sufficient opportunities, but you must grab these opportunities with your own hands.

Saturn in Sagittarius indicates a more serious, pessimistic and realistic attitude until the end of December 2017, but this soon will change. Mercury is in retrograde this month, so you may have to deal with fatigue complaints and colds.
It is time for yourself. Make time for a good time, because you've earned it twice. Enjoy peace and comfort in your familiar environment with your loved ones. Enjoy a day at the wellness or enjoy a short holiday to recharge your batteries. Let go of the work and focus on the true essence.
Your true self.
Also take time to reflect on this year. Who and what do you want to take with you to the new year? Who and what do yo leave behind?

The planetary forces indicate that you like to do things on your own. In the coming month your social skills, flexibility and willingness to cooperate are the keys to get things done. During the Mercury in retrograde period in December 2017 you have to find the balance between independence and cooperation. The Full Moon of December 3, 2017 can provide information about a legal issue. The Full Moon also shows that you will soon be traveling! You want to look further than you can already see. Until December 9, 2017 Mars in Libra gives you the energy and drive to finish the year successfully.