Cancer December 2017


Cancer December 2017

In this period of the year you need the cooperation of others for achieving your goals. You really need your social skills, compromises and flexibility!
Allow yourself to be carried away by the cosmic current and let it happen, Cancer.
The focus this month is on relationships, love and daily activities.
A predominantly favorable financial month.

Love and Relationships
December 2017 is a super romantic and pleasant month. Sharing together, being together. Connecting with each other and sharing love, especially in the first half of December 2017. In the second half of December 2017, dedication is not the strongest point of the Cancer. Sexuality and intimacy in the fixed relationship is a sensitive theme in this period. After 20 December 2017, the passion will return to the relationship.You are in love and it is clear that your head is not at work. With Mars and Jupiter in your House of Love you want to love at any cost. This month you are irresistible. Love awaits you at a meeting or in places where there is money involved, such as the bank. In this period you will find the love of your life or certainly an exciting romance. In any case, there is plenty of action for the Cancer in the House of Love and Romance!
The Christmas holidays promise to become an unforgettable romantic with your loving vibes. Do not skip any party and say what you feel! A deep wish can be fulfilled in the last week of December 2017.

Family and Home
Because of Mars in your House of Family and House there is a lot going on at home in the first half of December 2017. You are energetically engaged busy with chores.
A new interior or renovation or a family holiday. Use this energy in a positive way! Your actions are governed by your feelings during this period and therefore you are defensive and protective. You want to take the lead at home. The high energy at the beginning of the month feels like a new beginning. A new career, a move or a new relationship. Whatever it is, Cancer is on the right track.
A form of meditation takes you into another dimension where you find all the answers.
In the second half of December 2017, adversity at work can influence the atmosphere at home. Do not make too much of it and appreciate what is there. There will be great opportunities to come. Christmas will be fun with family. Count your blessings, Cancer.

December 2017 is not really about your career, but there will be enough growth.
This month you will have the opportunity to achieve goals and this will result in growth and financial rewards.
At the moment of the Winter Equinox on 22 December 2017, a powerful planetary period for the Cancer begins. From that moment on, most planets shift to the top half of the Cancer horoscope. The next six months will be dominated by the outside world and your career will gradually become more and more prominent.
The New Moon of December 18, 2017 falls into your House of Work, service and health. Over the next two weeks you can see an increase in tasks and projects, but also a job interview or a new job is possible. Of course there are also conflicting forces and challenges in December 2017 that can give you stress. Due to Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius, there are problems with colleagues, opposition and anger about the development at work and equipment that is shutting down.

Your financial picture looks good this month, Cancer. The Sun symbolizes money for the Cancer. Until December 21, 2017 the Sun travels through Sagittarius. This expansive energy leads to more income through work, a second job, raise, turnover and profits from the company, with a nod to abroad. There is reason for optimism.
So there is an increase in money, but you also have a tendency to spend money just as quickly. From December 22, 2017 you will be more selective with the spending of your money due to the influence of the Sun in Capricorn. This month there is income from your profession. From 21 December 2017 you need your social skills, social contacts and networks.

The Full Moon of December 3, 2017 falls into your House of Detachment and Release. You need rest. Relax and surrender to beautiful dreams. The Full Moon brings old pain to light. The Full Moon is the perfect moment to start a therapy to let go of this old pain and create space in your life. Avoid confrontations at this time.
Use subtle means to reach your goal when emotions run high.
The Sun in Sagittarius supports Cancer’s health. The period until December 21, 2017 is a good period to keep yourself occupied with themes concerning your health. A good workout does not have to last long and is so important to feel fit and well. Good nutrition, rest, warmth and love are essential for the health of the Cancer. Listen carefully to your body. Your health requires more attention from 22 December 2017.

The Great Benefactor Jupiter is currently traveling through your House of Self-expression and Creativity. Jupiter encourages a positive attitude towards your work until the end of next year.
If you are happy at work or with your life, you are also up to psychological problems.
However, pay attention to your diet, because you can’t go wrong with all those delicious homemade cookies! When something goes wrong with your health, then it is really serious due to the influence of the Great Jupiter. Do not wait when you have complaints and go to the doctor on time, Cancer.