Virgo August 2017


Virgo August 2017

Most planets are still at the top of the Virgo horoscope, but there's a change during this month. Careers and worldly concerns are becoming less important this August 2017. A balance must be sought between career and private life, as both areas demand equal attention. From August 23, 2017, the Sun travels through your sign, Virgo. Congratulations on your New Solar year! Charity work, humanitarian services and spirituality play a major role this month. Through Mercury in retrograde from August 13 to September 5, 2017 everything will go slower. A period of review, planning and reconsideration.

Love and Relationships
The Sun in your sign is like a magnet, Virgo. From August 23, 2017 you get a great deal of attention thanks to your personal appeal. August 2017 guarantees a very beautiful romantic month with many opportunities to embrace love. The second half of August 2017 will be fun, as there are parties and exciting meetings. Virgo in a permanent love relationship is willing to take a next step. However, in a fixed relationship there is work to be done. Also the total Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 shows that by the power of love all pain and sorrow will be overcome. Releasing a situation or relationship may be necessary. This total Solar Eclipse gives you the courage and dignity to do this and pursue your path.

Family and Home
From the end of December 2014, many lessons are learned by the presence of Saturn in your home and family or living situation. This year is the completion of Saturn in Sagittarius (for Virgo the House of Family and Home). A big clean up and making peace with your past. A period of forgiveness and closure. In about 14 years, you will see the results of the decisions you made in this educational period. A move to another location, a new start or just building a stronger foundation for your career. August 2017 shows that a proper assessment must be done before a major decision can be made.

The August Eclipse of 7 August 2017 falls into your House of Work. In the coming months, you decide to change things when you are not satisfied with the work you are doing. During this period, projects are completed, there is a reward for your commitment, a new job or improvements in your work environment. You (over) see the big picture and with this clarity you know exactly what to do. This month you have many innovative ideas. Keep it for yourself before sharing these ideas at work in the second half of August 2017. August 2017 is a good month to network and team building and social activities. In addition, August 2017, is a prosperous month for your career with financial opportunities due to Jupiter's beneficial influence.

August 2017 shows a favorable financial month. Jupiter's journey through Libra which is your House of Finance shows a positive financial energy with opportunities to ensure financial stability and security. The direct Jupiter means that more action and security in financial issues. That means, however, that you should be vigilant this month too. Investments in real estate and restaurant business will be profitable. You can also count on the support of family members for financial projects such as the purchase of a house.

August 2017 is a beautiful month for your health. The focus this month is on promoting your emotional health by practicing yoga and meditation. By the end of the month, your health continues even further because the Sun enters the sign Virgo!
There's a lot of demands this month on you. That’s exactly why you need your exercises! It does not matter what you do! Preserve your precious boundaries, Virgo.

With most planets on the left side of the Virgo-horoscope you're in control. This planetary force makes independent and action-oriented. There is no need to adopt a 'wait-and-see' approach or to invoke others' help or compromising.