Taurus August 2017


Taurus August 2017

Most planets are at the lower part of the Taurus-Horoscope. The Night. During the magical night, recovery takes place and we dream of what's lies ahead. The Night is about inner processing, family and domestic circumstances. It is a period of preparation and evaluation regarding your career, because change will come soon. From August 2017, an important planetary shift will take place towards cooperation and consensus in order to achieve your goals.

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of love. Mercury is in retrograde in your House of Love in the second half of August 2017 until the beginning of September 2017. There may be problems with your loved one, or an ex returns or you are having trouble expressing love. A love relationship can be broken. Problems in your relationship are due to third party interference like family members. With mutual understanding and patience, many of these problems could be solved. August 2017 is also the month to enjoy, so let yourself go. Enjoy every day!

Family and Home
The New Moon of July 23, 2017 fell into your House of Family and Home. This New Moon stimulates you to build your house. Your safe pillars constitute the stability within yourself. In the first half of August 2017 there is a move or renovation or make plans to move or to renovate. In the coming weeks, attention will be focused on restoring the relationship with your parents or parenting figures. The total Solar Eclipse in Leo of 21 August 2017 falls into your House of Family and Home. This event shows important developments in your private life, children, home and family, and demands to come clean old pain from the past and work on a stable home situation. The presence of Mars in your House of Family and Home until September 5, 2017 indicates progress, activities at home such as a move or renovation, but also a quarrel in the family.

The August 2017 the eclipses affect your career and your private life. The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of August 7, 2017 falls into your Career House. This cosmic gate indicates the realization of a project or culmination of a period of hard work and study. Now you can reap the fruits of success. If you experience the opposite, it is high time to make changes in the next six months to get your train on the right track. You will be given the opportunity to make plans for future growth to make your dreams come true. The second half of August 2017 is favorable for finding a suitable job.

Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury is in retrograde from 13 August 2017 to 4 September 2017, which means that financial issues are being discussed. A good moment to have your financial situation recalculated. Sensible budget management is advisable. It is also advisable to postpone all major decisions regarding investments and purchases until mid-September 2017. From that time there will be clarity in your financial life. Money is being spent on household items this month.

In August 2017, regularity is the magic word to stay healthy. Do not rush anything! This month you should try a fixed schedule. Get up early, have a healthy breakfast, have your meals on time, take your rest, go to the gym regularly or go hiking and on time to bed! You will notice that the application of structure gives you overview and rest. Exercising regularly is also important.

Collaboration is a prerequisite for success in this period.
All planets on the lower side of the Taurus Horoscope are meant cosmically as a time of preparation. A period for a business-oriented course and work on the emotional aspects and communication skills of your career.