Sagittarius August 2017


Sagittarius August 2017


The New Moon of July 23, 2017 fell into your Home of Traveling and Higher Consciousness. With the support of the Node in Leo, there is no better moment to implement plans for a study or making a voyage. From August 25, 2017, Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius and then your life will be accelerated.

Love and Relationships

August 2017 is not a month filled with love and passion, due to Mercury in retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde on August 13, 2017, but you already notice this influende from the beginning of the month. It gives you the time to distance yourself and think carefully about your relationship. In the second half of August 2017, loving aspects of both Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra wille soften things. This month you can count on the support of good friends and social networking. Friends can play a mediating role this month. During a trip, at the gym and at work, you may fall in love.

Family and Home

The Lunar Eclipse of 7 August 2017 falls into your House of close relatives such as brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts, but also neighbors and neughborhood. There may be disagreement that will not be solved immediately. There may also be a problem with your computer, car or other means of transport in the next six months. This month there may be news about a pregnancy in the family. August 2017 is a good month to catch up with friends and to go to the gym !


In August 2017 the focus is on the career of Sagittarius. Especially from August 23, 2017 there is progress with the Sun in Virgo. A constructive approach is advisable this month. Do not worry too much because you can experience stress. If it gets too much, walk away from your desk or get away for a while to relieve the stress you experience.
August 2017 is a busy month at work, but do not forget to relax regularly. At the end of August, you experience the importance of networking. A nice meeting can lead to interesting professional connections. In the second half of August 2017, however, Mercury in retrograde indicates delays in your career. It's like swimming against the current, you don't have a choice. And actually that's good, because you won’t stop and you would forget to enjoy your success.


There are changes in the financial situation of Sagittarius this month. During this period there is foreign income. Investments in precious metals and travelng will yield good returns. However, sound financial management is advisable. Saturn will enter your House of Finance at the end of December 2017. The limiter Saturn will stay there until March 2020. It is therefore advisable to be economical to avoid financial problems. This tight, but educational period will take a few years, so you have the time to get a different view on obtaining and retaining property or other financial opportunities.


The Lunar Eclipse of August 7 2017 falls into your House of Communication. In the next six months you say goodbye to issues of the past regarding primary school and relatives. Letting go of fogiveness means peace in your heart. It becomes easier to communicate and to say what is on your mind. The Sagittarius Horoscope for August 2017 shows a stable month for your health. Regular exercise, rest, relaxation and healthy food will do the rest.


In August 2017, events are moving very quickly. Professional goals and your social life ask for your attention. Your private life and family come second, but you must try to find the balance here. Overall, Sagittarius is at a turning point. It feels like you are forced to make a choice. That can be oppressive to you. Do not worry, because soon you'll be on the right track, Sagittarius!