Libra August 2017


Libra August 2017

The first half of 2017 has already caused many changes in your life, both personally and in your career. A new job or move, journey or emigration. This month August 2017 and also in September 2017 you will see the results of these changes. Private life is becoming more and more prominent in the coming months. There are challenges this month and it wont’ be easy to reach your professional goals.

Love and Relationships
August 2017 is a key month for your love life. The Partial Moon Eclipse in Aquarius of August 7, 2017 falls into your House of Love. This shows a great need for freedom, but even more appreciation and respect. There may be a power struggle within the relationship. In the next six months, these problems in the relationship will be solved and the relationship will be strengthened. The Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 falls into your House of Love. Libra is looking for a long-term connection on soul level. Also in the permanent relationship, you desire a deeper emotional connection.

Family and Home
There is a misunderstanding in the family this month. Try to mediate to bring back the harmony in the family. Creativity at home is a theme this month. A creative project or a new recipe? Everything you try at home this month will be a great success!
August 2017 is a family month. A month of sharing and togetherness. At the beginning of 2017 you have made a decision. During this period, the elaboration of this decision becomes clear and how that decision affects you. At the end of August 2017 there will be cheerful news in the family.

The New Moon of June 24, 2017 fell into your Career Home. The planetary recipe for new success in your career! An important project that you started a while ago shows results in August 2017. In any case, doors will open for you. The New Moon also increases your chances for the job market and excellent results in study.
In your career, creativity is also an important factor this month. Through this energetic flow of thoughts, emotions and inspiration, there is room for innovative ideas! Cooperation and social skills are the keys to the best results this month. At the end of August 2017 a big surprise is waiting for you in the career area.

August 2017 is a prosperous financial month. An investment is profitable. New financial opportunities can be seen at the end of August 2017. Creative solutions in your career lead to financial rewards. Friends and your social network can be the source of financial tension this month. You may be asked for financial support. Due to the influence of Mercury in retrograde, from August 13, 2017 there will be room for a financial undertaking that has been temporarily shelved.

Mercury is in retrograde in your House of Cosmic Consciousness from August 13, 2017. Old problems return or you become more aware of unconscious problems and old habits. High time to change!
August 2017 is the month to pay attention to the physical part in addition to your emotional well-being! Regular walking, cycling or running! Do not always take the same route or routine. Also watch your diet. Variety and regularity.

This month, a planetary shift also takes place to the bottom of the Libra-horoscope. This means that Libra must find a balance between career goals and private life. This month is a good month to travel. Show your creative side this month to conquer your lover's heart, but also to take steps in your career.