Leo August 2017


Leo August 2017

This month, almost all planets are on the left side of the Leo horoscope. August 2017 is therefore a month of independence and personal strength. You achieve your goals on your own strength. A period of self-esteem and personal power. With this planetary power, many goals are within your grasp. The input of others is less important. The Cosmos wants to know what you want and what you can achieve on your own.

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of August 7, 2017 falls in your House of Relations and brings hidden problems in the fixed relationship to light. These issues are related to yourself and not directly with your partner. By recognizing these problems, you make the first step to free yourself. You only want focus on those who make a valuable contribution to your life. However, the Lunar Eclipse can also be the beginning of a soul-level relationship. In the first half of August 2017, love is interwoven with financial goals. Love is waiting for you for a family party, at school or an appointment at the bank!
You need a little excitement in the fixed relationship! It's wouldn’t hurt to explore your boundaries now and then! Saturn in Sagittarius keeps an eye in the area of love, so don’t worry.

Family and Home
August 2017 is the month to organize and reorganize. When everything is cleaned up, there will be space in your house, head and home. So have a look at your wardrobe and kitchen closets. What do you want to keep ant what has to go? You’ll be amazed when you see what your not actually need and still keeps hidden. This month there are family parties or a joint holiday. Actually, a quiet month on the home front for Leo.

August 2017 is a stable month in the career area. You are focused on your work too much. You forget to enjoy yourself. This is a quiet time at work and it would be better to shift your focus to the theme "enjoy"! What about a revitalizing holiday to recharge your batteries for a busy period to come? Take advantage of this quiet period to follow a business-oriented course in public relations and marketing techniques.
The prospects for your career are good both in the permanent job and in your own company.
You can count on the support of family members.

From August 13, 2017 Mercury is in retrograde in your House of Finance. August 2017 is therefore a month with financial barriers. Make sure you keep the financial finger on the pulse in your own company and in your household. Be reluctant to make purchases. Due to Mercury in retrograde you want to spend money on charity or luxury items. Postpone big purchases until mid-September 2017. Make sure you read the small print of your insurance policy or fully understand the rental agreement.

In August 2017 you are a bit lazy and you do not want tot put yourself too far in the gym. But good health doesn’t come just like that, Leo. Be conscious of your health and be sporty! Also good and healthy food is so important to you. From August 23, 2017, the Sun enters Leo.That means your health is getting better. Your energy level rises and your vitality is getting stronger.

The total Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 21, 2017 falls into your House of Personality. It is an energetic follow-up to the Lunar Eclipse of February 11, 2017. These are emotional and crucial moments in which negative patterns in your life are to be changed. Releasing an egocentric attitude and showing more dignity and generosity is not only beneficial to you, but also inspiring for your environment.
The Eclipse in Leo of August 7, 2017 is the energetic follow-up to the Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February. 11, 2017, and shows the results of your metamorphosis! Mars in Leo from the end of July 2017 to the beginning of September 2017 gives you the energy to take new steps on your journey of life.