Capricorn August 2017


Capricorn August 2017

Most planets above the horizon of the Capricorn horoscope. The focus is on your role in the outside world and career. Now it's time to make progress, Capricorn.
The presence of Jupiter in Libra in your Career House shows great opportunities in your career, professional and business life. Collaboration is still the key to success.

Love and Relationships
The red warrior Mars travels through your House of Relations and Intimacy until the beginning of September 2017. During this period, relationships will be strengthened and problems solved.
In August 2017 the focus is on strengthening the emotional bond in the relationship and (re)finding intimacy. During this period, the opportunity to meet each other or grow together to a deeper level of feeling is greater. The Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 falls into your House of Soul and Intimacy. In the next six months there are events that are related to sexuality, your partner's money, birth and death that deeply affects you.

Family and Home
The focus is on the career and the outside world. Your attention seems to be occupied with the outside world, there's less time left for your private life and family. In order to enjoy your success, it is good to divide your attention and find the right balance. Your home is your safe haven, your place to in this hectic period, especially in the second half of August 2017. By the end of August 2017 you will make an important decision for the long term.

Jupiter in Libra in your Career House brings many opportunities, but that does not mean everything goes according to plan. Success is nice, but it affects your private life and your social life. August 2017 is a great month with many professional possibilities. You are in the spotlights. A month in which you get recognition and admiration, especially the second half of August 2017, looks amazing. You know how to solve problems with organizations with natural flair. You know how to plan ahead and that gives you a head start on the competition. You are humming with energy and inspiration. Share your creative ideas! The beginning of August 2017 shows some challenges, but that only stimulates you to catch even more stars from heaven. Capricorn in the spiritual or service sector, is the most successful this month.

The New Moon of July 23, 2017 fell into your House of Shared Finance. That means taking steps or come clean with loans, debt restructuring, mortgages, credit cards and insurances to pave the way for a healthy financial future.
In February and August 2017 there are major financial changes taking place through the Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius. These signs are linked to the Capricorn’s finances. For yourself and your family, you are working on a healthy financial future! The August Eclipse of 7 August 2017 falls into your House of Shared Finance. In the next six months you will be given the opportunity to map your financial situation, get clarity, managing financial matters or financing ongoing projects. You are going to get the sweet fruits of previously made financial decisions. This period is the cosmic gate to a better financial situation for the long term. From 23 August 2017 there will be further financial improvement through social contacts.

August 2017 is a good month for your health. Important is a healthy diet. Rule is the keyword! The career for Capricorn is prominent during this period of the year. And that means stress. Therefore, it is good to exercise regularly to relieve stress. Cycling, swimming, running, no matter what you do! At the beginning of August 2017 there are some challenges and then a short break would be a good idea. You can not force anything, so why not take a few days off? The answers come naturally if you take a little distance from it all. Listen to some good advice from your friends who know you better than anyone else.

The Full Moon in Capricorn of July 9, 2017 was the prelude to a six-year period in which the outside world will play a major role. A period of reforms that will take shape at the end of this year will be when the Sun returns to Capricorn. The risk of overload and stress is high during this period, so have plenty of rest and relaxation, Capricorn. Especially August 2017 requires a lot of mind and body. So relaxation is so important. Physical exercising makes you lose stress and it also improves your stamina!