Scorpio April 2017


Scorpio April 2017

Most planets are now in the western sector of Scorpio horoscope. The coming months are marked by cooperation and your social skills to achieve your goals. The outside world is becoming increasingly important. April 2017 is the month with the focus on relationships.

Love and Relationships
April 2017 is an interesting month for the single Scorpio, but complicated for the Scorpio in a relationship. Until April 21, 2017 Mars resides in your House of Relationships, a time of new commitments both in business and private. April 2017, however, can be difficult. The influence of Mars in Taurus can lead to power struggles in relationships. Venus is your planet of Relationships. Until April 14, 2017, Venus is in retrograde in your House of Love. In the fist half of the month, you are more focused on yourself and your self-centered attitude can lead to conflicts. Mercury in retrograde from April 10 to May 2, 2017 in your House of Relationships brings additional problems for instance the return of a ex-lover. Listen to your inner voice. Do not make any important decisions until mid-April 2017. As of April 15, 2017 things become clear. The New Moon of April 26, 2017 falls in your House of Relationships. From this moment on, someone comes your way who will play a major role in your life or you're going to take a new step in a relationship. Such as an engagement or marriage or business partnership or other form of cooperation to get a project off the ground.

Family and Home
In the first three weeks of April 2017, the relationship at home is peaceful, but in the last week of April 2017, there seem to be in your family some sort of disagreement involving your partner. You have to pull out all the stops to justify a situation. This month there is good news about the arrival of a child! It is advisable to solve domestic problems, because soon your career demands a lot of attention from you. Be frank. A problem will only get worse if you leave things unspoken. Peace at the home also means peace in your soul.

April 2017 will bring changes in your career, Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of February 11, 2017 in your House of Career was the cosmic gateway to profound changes in the career. Starting this month, you see the changes in the form of a reorganization or change in the company policy, other government regulation or management change. In any case, there are changes such as a new job or starting your own business. April 2017 is an auspicious month for finding suitable employment. Networking can play an important role. With your unfailing intuition you know exactly to find yourself in the right place at the right time. You know exactly to push the right button when you want to get something done. From April 21, 2017 Mercury in retrograde returns in your House of Work. Until early May 2017 this means some delay at work.

In the first three weeks of April 2017, there are financial challenges.
Of course there are financial opportunities as well, but it seems that conditions are not yet in place to put the wheels in motion. The influence of Saturn in the House of Finance wants to get finances in order or restructure finances. And Saturn goes in retrograde from April 6, 2017 in the House of Finance. That means that much more time is required to do research and to look at the financial viability for implementation of a project.

The Full Moon of April 11, 2017 falls in your House of Detachment and Cosmic Consciousness. You are in need of rest. Relax yourself and surrender to sweet dreams.
There are moments when you feel the need to be active. Being active in the gym, outdoors. Indulge yourself. But there are times when you need to rest. And that is the case at the beginning from April 2017. It’s all right to ease back occasionally, but do not stay in bed or sit in your lazy chair! In the second half of April 2017, you notice that less exercising leads to fatigue and insomnia. Mars will stay until April 21, 2017 in your House of Relationships. Mental and emotional health is so important. Disharmony in this area leads to physical and psychological problems. It is important to restore harmony in the relationship. Positive thinking, good food and physical exercise are essential to maintain health and vitality.

You find yourself in a special period, Scorpio. A kind of transition, a transformation to a new you. Next month May 2017, the Full Moon falls in your own sign of Scorpio. You notice already the signs. You want to dress or behave differently. This month you are very sensitive to what others think and especially what others do not want to tell you. Therefore, you must strike before others do before a small problem becomes a big problem.