Pisces April 2017


Pisces April 2017

April 2017 begins with good news! Regarding love and relationships, April 2017 is a good month, but Mercury is in retrograde is a brake. Love and romance this month are intertwined with money and possessions. The first three weeks are rather uneasy, but in the last week of April 2017 things get back to normal.

Love and Relationships
This month is love is intertwined with possession. The first week of April 2017 shows love opportunities and exciting developments. That special look, that exciting message, it gives you that special feeling of Spring! Mars travels in the first three weeks of April 2017 through Taurus. Mars in Taurus is possessive. You want to know where you stand and the intentions of your partner. A period in which the cards are on the table. Mars in Taurus means a great period to make serious plans for the future. From April 22, 2017 Mars travels through Gemini and from that moment, everything becomes lighter.

Family and Home
April 2017 shows a turbulent month regarding the relationship with children. There may also be problems with a family member. These problems require your full attention to finding a solution. The first half of April 2017 is the best time to buy real estate or to get a mortgage for your home. The New Moon of April 26, 2017 falls in your House of Communication, short trips, siblings and neighbors. In the next two weeks, there is more communication through emails, text messages and phone calls. Your computer, mobile phone, car or other means of transport can be repaired or replaced. Even more e-mails, text messages and phone calls. It is possible that you buy a car or other means of transport or have this repaired. This New Moon indicates a visit from family members in the next two weeks or an invitation for a weekend trip to the mall!

April 2017 indicates a promising start for your career! Spring has begun and you want to make the most of it. Also yourself! You feel good and it shows. At the beginning of April 2017, it is good to visualize your career goal. That powerful energy at the beginning of April 2017 can lead to big results. Just keep both feet on the ground with everything that you do. Direct your attention to the target. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm is noticed at work. This month you can count on compliments and positive feedback, because your support is priceless!

The Full Moon of April 11, 2017 falls in your House of Shared Finance. In the next two weeks there will be money available from insurance, tax, maintenance, repayment of loan. More income because you or your partner get another job. April 2017 is largely dominated by finances. This month there are major changes in your finances such as changes in insurance and favorable payment arrangements. With these adjustments, your financial position improves at the end of April 2017. With a strong planetary occupation in your House of Finance you get cooperation from others to get that favorable financial position. In April 2017, the supply of health and health-related services and wellness products will be most successful.

April 2017 is a good month for your health. To make yourself feel better, it is advisable to exercise this month! A regular visit to the sauna, swimming, yoga and a good massage would be great. Remember to drink lots of water and green tea! A daily routine is recommended. A fixed schedule gives inner peace and structure. This month, exciting things happen, but do not get distracted too much. Keep a diary so that you have an overview of what you do. You see what is going well, but also the things you need to change. At the end of the month, you will find that meditation centers you. Also, you need more rest.

At the end of April 2017, you definitely need a break, Pisces. You’re really need to refuel.
At the end of the month, you really deserve a moment for yourself.
Do not forget to dream this month. Your dreams tell you exactly what you need to know and the direction you should take.