Aries April 2017


Aries April 2017

April 2017 is the month of action. It's spring. Your best time of the year!
Most planets are on the eastern side of the Aries horoscope. An annual period of personal power and independence for Aries. The world is yours!
April 2017 is a month to shine. Full speed ahead, Aries.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of April 2017, Venus in retrograde. Venus is your planet of Relations.
Because this period of retrogradation is taking place in your House of Cosmic Consciousness, this is a time to think about why things go wrong in your relationship. Listen to your inner voice. April 2017 is a month to fix things, to improve and to correct mistakes. In the first half of the month, love will be interwoven with idealism and spirituality. A new love will find you in spiritual or magical places, like a spiritual reading or lecture, at the yoga seminar or a meditation, but also by volunteering and participating charitable projects. The Full Moon of April 11, 2017 falls in your House of Relationships. You know what you want. You know who you are and what you need. The time of waiting is over. Spring has begun and now is the time for action! Your charm, boldness and openness are your secret weapons to win the heart of your loved one. Even though the first half of April 2017 is a bit difficult, in the second half of April 2017 nothing stands in your way.

Family and Home
April 2017 is the month to clean up the house. Spring cleaning! Literally and figuratively. The first half of April 2017 is the best time to do so. Away with the old and in with the new! Reorganizing your closets, your office, your kitchen drawers. This spring cleaning also has to do with solving a domestic problem which is troubling you. You know how to solve an unpleasant situation at home in the second half of April 2017 thanks to your flexible attitude. Children make significant progress at this time. Children fall in love or get new friends. Children try their wings. It is a hive of activity at home and you love to see this.

April 2017 is a prosperous career month. The Full Moon of last month was the prelude to a busy period at work. In the second half of the month, nothing stands in the way to achieve your career goals when Venus goes direct from April 15, 2017. By using your charms, you know how to solve a difficult situation at work. This month you move mountains, Aries. It is important that you know what your career goals are. Whatever it is what you want to accomplish, just listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice, your intuition, will lead the way. In the second half of April 2017, you are unstoppable. When you stay grounded, nothing stand in the way. The Full Moon of April 11, 2017 is the best time to make a business decision. It also shows that it is likely that you will be vindicated in a legal dispute. April 2017 is the month to reorganize your office.

Mars travels until April 21, 2017 through your House of Finance. April 2017 is a great month to improve your financial situation, to initiate financial plans or to benefit from financial opportunities. However, Mercury in retrograde from April 9, 2017 shows that financial problems have to be solved first. Venus is your planet of Finance. Until April 14, 2017, there are also financial fluctuations and unexpected expenses because of the retrograde Venus. As of April 15, 2017 the financial tide is turning. In the second half of the month, again our charm will the key to get what you want. From April 20, 2017, the Sun in Taurus indicates ample financial resources. This will put a smile on your face. The New Moon of April 26, 2017 falls in your House of Finance. Financial uncertainties will be clarified. And when Venus returns in Aries from April 29, 2017, you can count on a great financial period.

April 2017 is the month par excellence to be active and to go to the gym! Adequate exercise is vital in your busy life. When you feel better, you perform better. Mercury is your planet of Health. Mercury in Aries is in retrograde from April 21, 2017 to May 2, 2017. During that time Mercury may play tricks on your health. During this period, it is advisable to take it easy to prepare for another busy period. Spring is a time of renewal and your best time of the year. It is important that you listen to your body. When your body says stop: do not force it or take for granted that your body will follow your willpower. You need to build up your condition to prevent injuries!

The New Moon of March 28, 2017 fell into your sign, Aries. The first half of April 2017 is hereby dedicated to your personal needs. Because of the Sun in Aries, time goes faster. Therefore, it is good to stick to a schedule. Also delete things from your life that don’t inspire you anymore and replace them with things that make your heart sing. Trust your intuition. It's full steam ahead, so make time for serious spring cleaning. Listen to your inner voice, Aries.