Taurus September 2016


Taurus September 2016

September 2016 is a turbulent and eventful month with two Eclipses. Every Taurus has difficulty with changes, but these can not be avoided.
The planetary power shows that domestic problems and strengthening inner strength require your attention. Your inner stability is the foundation to be successful in your career!
With most of the planets on the right side of the Taurus horoscope the focus is not on personal ambition, but on cooperation, flexibility and maintaining good relationships to achieve your goals.
Jupiter moves into Libra from September 10, 2016 and that means a productive year to come!

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of Love. Mercury retrogrades in the first three weeks of this month. This is a good time to address problems with your lover, business contacts and colleagues. Do not waste your precious time on pointless issues, but focus on all that is worthwhile. September 2016 is a good month for love, all kinds of relationships and meeting new people, especially from the third week of September 2016. Mercury turns direct again. You are tempted to enjoy life more. You expect your partner shares your positive mood in September 2016. If your partner does not, this creates tensions between you. The Eclipses this month lead to profound changes in existing friendships. The bachelor Taurus want to impress. Love will be found in the workplace, in the gym or in your circle of friends. Jupiter in Libra leads in the next year to a beautiful friendship, loving relationship or lasting business relationship.

Family and Home
The Eclipses this month show profound changes with children and elderly relatives. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 falls in your House of Children. Children in your family and the family emerge like a butterfly, they spread their wings, fall in love or leave the house. At home you start with a creative project. Family members experience strong emotions under the influence of the Eclipses. In your home, repairs are necessary.

The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 is affecting Mars and Saturn. The influence of Mars can lead to an end of something at work or in your neighborhood. Everything comes to an end. The end also means the beginning of something new. Due to Saturn you’d better not go traveling abroad. Students are confronted with changes in their study. September 2016 is a busy month. You can become overwhelmed by the pace of events. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 means problems with the car and leads work to disturbances with computers and telephone equipment.
September 2016 is a great month professionally. As of September 10, 2016 Jupiter in Libra will be traveling through your House of Work. That means a year of better opportunities in your career, more chances to get a (dream) job and more work in your business.

Mercury is also your planet of Finance. In September 2016 you will be supported by Mercury! Many opportunities this month to earn money in your career and investments. Family members financially support you. Current economic conditions are affecting your business, making adjustments necessary. The economy is still recovering from the financial collapse in 2008, so there is no growth. Because of the impact of the Eclipses, September 2, September 10 and September 13, 2016 stressful financial disruptions and obligations may occur.

Venus is the planet of your health. Venus in Libra gets in the first three weeks of the month opposition from Pluto and Uranus. September 2016 can be quite unnerving. It is not easy to find peace of mind. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself. Essential is a high protein diet, extra iron and vitamin B complex. Also care for relaxation this month, hiking, sports, reading, music, it does not matter. Exercise, harmony in the relationship and good nutrition are important to remain healthy and happy. The two Eclipses of September 2016 make you aware of this! The entry of Jupiter in your House of Health shows that your health will become number one in the coming year.

September 2016 brings many new ideas and opportunities, but you have to grab your opportunities. The pace is high in September 2016, a month of traveling and meetings. Be critically in September 2016. Be alert, keep your eyes and ears wide open.
The first two weeks of the month are suitable to make rational and unbiased decisions.