Libra September 2016


Libra September 2016

From September 10, 2016 the Great Benefactor Jupiter enters your own sign and that brings prosperity, confidence and happiness in the next twelve months. Just open yourself and seize the opportunities that come your way!
The planetary power shifts towards your Career and Vocation this month. This month you are still working on building emotional strength, but after that it’s full steam ahead! There will be a lot of turbulence this month, but also a lot of good things. Especially when the Sun from September 23, 2016 enters your own sign Libra!

Love and Relationships
In September 2016, tensions arise in your personal relationships and friendships. In a committed relationship, you are faced with a distance. In most cases, this distance has to do with the career. Mars is the planet of your relationships. The influence of Mars in Sagittarius gives you the power to find each other again, but you need to show commitment! Love is a verb! In a relationship you have to work instead of working against each other. Continue to communicate with each other. A friendship will be put to the test. It becomes clear whether this friendship is strong enough to survive. Libra loves challenges and passion this month, even the Libra in a fixed relationship! You'll like to flirt in this social period. You are romantic and expect much of a relationship, but most of the time the relationship can not meet your expectations. Stay realistic. It is not all gold that glitters in love. The last week of September 2016 comes with the best opportunities for Libra to meet a new love.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 squares Saturn, your planet of your Home and Family. This influence leads to domestic concerns and requirements in the coming six months. Your career requires a lot of time and therefore your family, relatives and friends come in second place. In the first half of September 2016, the focus is on your house. There will be changes on the home front as a move or renovation or plans are being made for a move or renovation. There are repairs needed to your home. Also, there are unexpected problems in the lives of elderly relatives, brothers and sisters. September 2016 has an unpredictable course through the many events. Be flexible. Children try their borders and look for 'freedom'. This may lead to collisions. The Eclipse forces you to look at the cause of the problem and seek lasting solutions.

On September 16 2016 the Eclipse falls in your House of Work. The next six months show an increase of work in your job or your own business, but also changes in the working environment and working conditions. Your colleagues, employees, associates are dealing with profound changes. The Moon symbolizes your career. So, every Lunar Eclipse affects your career. In the coming months, you face changes in the workplace. Changes in the company or the industry in which you work are the reason for you to find a new and inspiring job. You could even decide to start your own business. Economic and political events may affect your business or career, so keep your ears and eyes wide open. This month you got to deal with new equipment, new systems and new software at work.

September 2016 is because of the influence of the Solar Eclipse op September 1 2016 a financially favorable month. This month, there will be financial opportunities coming your way. You get more clarity on the financial picture. By the end of the month are most financial worries will be over.

In September 2016 you have plenty of energy. Healthy nutrition and simple natural remedies help to make yourself even feel better. Mental exhaustion due to stress can be a problem in September 2016. Avoid sugar, saturated fats and leave alcohol and cigarettes. You have control over your own health! On September 10, 2016 Jupiter enters your own sign Libra. This means a period of growth and personal happiness. Watch your weight, so watch your diet. The Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016 falls in your House of Health. Over the next six months you should pay more attention to your health. Healthier foods, drink more water, exercise more. Adequate rest and relaxation in between.

Expect the unexpected in September 2016. September 2016 is a hectic, but surprising month. Keep in mind that things will not proceed as you planned them. You need to consult and lay down agreements to avoid misunderstandings. So your agenda is your best friend. You have to adapt yourself more often this month. The Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 shows spiritual changes. You can get a revelation or have prophetic dreams.